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Welcome 420 Fam
Buy Most Rated Medical Cannabis Brands
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Delivery Process remains 100% Fast & Discreet
From Sealing Process right to door step delivery, Most Efficient delivery gateway over the years

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Shop the best Backpackboyz weed Strains in 3.5 gram packs right here with a speedy or overnight delivery service. Purchase Backpack Boys Cannabis conveniently online today!



Cannabis Flowers, Top Shelf Buds, High Grade Nugs



THC Vaping Cartridges, Vape Pen Battery, Live Resin



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how to order weed on potsnbuds


This text outlines a step-by-step guide to help customers place orders quickly and easily, regardless of the device they are using.

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Find Product

To order a product from the shop page, browse through the categories or search for it using the search bar in the top right corner.

Add to Cart

After selecting the desired quantity of product, you should add it to your cart and then proceed by clicking the "Proceed To Checkout" button.

Delivery Address

On the checkout page, enter your billing address and you'll see an option to provide a different mailing address by checking a box on the top right.

Payment Method

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select a payment method, then click the Place Order button at the bottom right to complete the order.


Your order has been successfully submitted and you will receive instructions on how to pay. The order will not be shipped until payment has been received. ---------------------NB: Ensure you have easy access to the email and phone number you provided.

Most DEmanded product

Berner Cookies Weed

Berner Cookies, based in Los Angeles, is an exclusive cannabis brand created by famous rapper Berner. They offer a variety of strains such as Lemmon Pepper, Seeds from Leafy, Devine Runtz, TK Lato, London Chello, Garry Peyton, Pomelo, Honey Buns etc.., as well as weed bars and live resin disposable carts.


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