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Backpack Boyz weed, is an LA-based cannabis brand that channels the same flair and appeal as well-known names such as Supreme and Rolls Royce.
The selection of Backpack Boyz’ strains is extraordinary, featuring unique tastes, scents, and effects that make the experience memorable. From the brand’s impressive packaging to the sense of opulence, customers in California don’t have to search far to get their hands on the most luxurious cannabis around.
The vast catalog of BP Boyz is abundant in diverse aromas, flavors, and visual appeal, making it easier than ever to shop with us and find the perfect strain online.

Backpack Boys Cannabis Strains/flavors Effects & Reviews

Backpackboys Marijuana Brand has gained alot of wareness and testimonies from loyal clients for their consistency is providing highly potent kush or weed nugs to the public.
Always coming through with strains like; Clifford Big Dawg Smoke is a Sativa-dominant hybrid produced by the combination of Guava Chem X Tangie.
On the inhale, its flavor resembles candied lemon-lime and a hint of sweet earth on the exhale. This strain is energizing and uplifting, making it suitable for a pick-me-up throughout the day.

Horchata is one of the most well-known Backpack Boyz varieties. An even hybrid, the cultivator combined Mochi Gelato with Jet Fuel Gelato to create an extremely potent strain that possesses a fruity taste profile.
Boasting an impressive THC level of around 24%, Horchata’s aroma is a mix of sweet berry and creamy overtones, while its flavor contains hints of pepper and spices.
Its effects may bring about a profound feeling of mental clarity and physical relaxation. Moreover, this strain may provide respite from ailments such as stress and chronic pain.

Blue Tomyz, white cherry, Uncle snoop, Clifford, Bubblegum gelato, Blue Guava Gelato, Black Cherry, Tiramisu, Zlush Puppiez.
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