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Seed Junky Genetics from Southern California has created Animal Mints by combining Animal Cookies pollen with a GSC (previously known as Girl Scout Cookies) x Blue Power mother. This new cultivar inherits the mint and cookie-like taste of its parents, adding to its unique flavor profile.

 FPOG fairytale strain – once known as Fruity Pebbles OG, had its origins in 2006 when it was bred by the skilled team at Alien Genetics, a California-based organization. The plant’s lineage stems from a blend of a Granddaddy Purple x Green Ribbon hybrid and the pollen from Tahoe Alien, which was itself a cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush.
Though Alien Genetics had initially intended for the hybrid to be a limited release, FPOG proved so popular that it soon caught on with other cultivators who sought to grow their own plants.

Oreoz fairytale strain – is a potent hybrid strain of marijuana created by crossing Cookies and Cream with Secret Weapon. It provides a long-lasting and calming high, but caution is advised for those new to cannabis. It has a distinct aroma of campfire s’mores with hints of chocolate and diesel. Oreoz is popular among users seeking a flavorful experience. Medical marijuana patients use it to alleviate symptoms of appetite loss, insomnia, chronic stress, and depression. It is known for its dense, neon-green buds with amber hairs and sparkling trichomes.

Jurassick Parc fairytale strain – is a strong strain that is ideal for nighttime use. It provides a long-lasting and relaxing high that starts with a cerebral rush and leads to introspective thoughts. It is not sedating and is best for a night in without much social interaction. It is an indica dominant hybrid.

Purple Panty Dropper fairytale strain – Humboldt Seed Company’s Purple Panty Dropper, a blend of Purple Haze, Oregon Grape, and Matanuskan Mist, is aptly named after its alluring deep purple tones and believed arousing properties. These striking flowers are dominantly indica and boast a delectable sweet fragrance with a stimulating and euphoric high. The flavors are a blend of grape, pine, and berry, creating a distinct and flavorful experience.

Dolato Fairytale Strain – is an indica marijuana strain with a range of colors and a fruity, earthy scent. It may leave users feeling stress-free and sedated, making it ideal for relaxation. The strain has flavors of pine, spicy/herbal, and sweet.

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    FAIRYTALE EXOTICS $40.00$42.00
    Jealousy Minntz Indoor (INDICA) 29% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Gelato Mint Indoor (INDICA) 31% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Sunset Sherbet Premium Indoor (INDICA) 29% THC(3.5 Grams)
    OG KUSH "Premium Kush" (HYBRID) 31% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Lemon Kush Premium (HYBRID) 28% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Granimals Premium (Indica) 29% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Wedding Crashers Premium (Hybrid) 25%(3.5 Grams)
    Ice Cream Cake Premium (Indica) 28% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Jurassic Parc Premium (HYBRID) 34% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Wedding Pie Premium (Indica) 30.50% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Gary Payton Premium (HYBRID) 27% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Cherry Punch Premium (Hybrid) 29% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Do-Si-Do Premium (Indica) 33% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Lava Cake Premium (Indica) 29% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Platinum OG Premium (Indica) 27% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Silver Haze Premium (Sativa) 29% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Peanut Butter Breath (HYBRID) 28.45% THC(3.5 Grams)
    GMO Cookies Premium (Indica) 33% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Alien OG Premium (HYBRID) 30% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Strawberry Banana Premium (Indica) 31% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Tri-Fi Cookies (Indica) 28% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Purple Panty Dropper "PDD" (Indica) 28% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Oreoz Indoor (HYBRID) 31% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Marshmallow OG OG Premium (HYBRID) 28% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Runtz Premium (HYBRID) 27% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Cereal Milk Premium (HYBRID) 31% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Fruity Pebbles Premium Indoor (HYBRID) 31% THC(3.5 Grams)
    KUSH MINTS Premium (HYBRID) 27% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Watermelon Gelato Indoor (INDICA) 30% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Peach OG Premium Indoor (INDICA) 28% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Fatso Premium (Indica) 32% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Slurricane (Indica) 27.20% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Skywalker OG (Indica) 27% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Purple Punch (Indica) 26% THC(3.5 Grams)
    SFV OG Kush (HYBRID) 27.61% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Banana Punch Premium (Hybrid) 29% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Black Diamond OG Premium (Indica) 35% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Candy Cane Premium (Indica) 27% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Blueberry Muffin Premium (Indica) 26% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Pancakes Premium (HYBRID) 25% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Apple Fritter Premium (HYBRID) 28% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Strawberry Banana Premium (Indica) 30% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Jet Fuel Premium (Hybrid) 26% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Zookies Premium (Indica) 25% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Venom OG Premium (Indica) 31% THC(3.5 Grams)
    Gorilla Glue Aka GG4 Aka Original Glue 24% (Hybrid)(3.5 Grams)
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