Korova Unrivaled Weed Strains Review
We had the pleasure of acquiring M.A.C. One from Korova via The Spot in Santa Ana on 7/06/20. The THC content tested at 21.45%. The price, $50 plus tax, seemed reasonable for this special find by the Korova Team. The anticipation was high, knowing this drop is quite rare. Upon examining the batch, I was pleasantly surprised by the nug size, and despite their breakdown, there wasn’t much excess foliage. The buds showcased a captivating blend of light and dark green, adorned with streaks of purple hues and the distinctive MAC trichomes.

The aroma carried a unique blend of musty spiciness and a hint of sweetness, although the sweetness was less pronounced compared to other MAC strains I’ve encountered. The inhale and exhale were remarkably smooth, with a subtle touch of sweetness upon exhalation. The cerebral shift arrived swiftly, inducing a slightly spacey feeling. Unlike some previous MAC strains, this batch leaned more relaxed and less racy. While Korova categorizes it as almost a full sativa in terms of effect, I’d place it closer to the middle, ticking a box or two down. It doesn’t hinder focus but lacks significant energy or motivation. It’s ideal for unwinding on the couch with a movie, suitable for any time of the day. It’s versatile—whether you’re productive or simply taking it easy, the strain suits well. It’s a fantastic choice for socializing, sharing among friends for engaging conversations. Kudos to Korova for executing another exceptional strain with finesse.
Korova Disposable Carts
Originating as a modest kitchen operation producing edibles in California in 2010, Korova has since grown significantly, diversifying their product range and expanding their reach. The latest addition to their offerings is the pre-filled vape cartridge line, featuring high potency distillate and state-of-the-art CCELL technology for powerful hits. Branded with the company’s distinctive three-eyed cow logo, Korova cartridges aim to make a lasting impression.

Currently, these cartridges are sold in California, Nevada, and Arizona. This review will focus on the Super Silver Haze cartridge, which earned a spot on our list of the best THC vape cartridges in California. We anticipate it will also make the cut for Nevada.

Pros of the Super Silver Haze cartridge include potent distillate, flavorful and dense hits with thick vapor, and an outstanding flavor profile. The packaging is also eye-catching and the test results are reliable and accurate. However, the harshness of the hits can result in a sore throat after just a few draws.

To improve, Korova could make their packaging more legible and include lab test results as a selling point. Overall, Korova cartridges offer an impressive experience that is sure to satisfy vape enthusiasts.

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    Twerpz Korova (1 Gram)
    Runtz Korova (1 Gram)
    Tropical Truffle Korova (1 Gram)
    Mimosa Korova (1 Gram)
    Orange Soda Korova (1 Gram)
    Biscotti Sundae Korova (1 Gram)
    Ice Cream Cake Korova (1 Gram)
    Romulan Haze Korova (5 Grams)
    Romulan Haze Korova (1 Gram)
    Pineapple Sorbet Korova (5 Grams)
    Pineapple Sorbet Korova (1 Gram)
    OG Kush Korova (1 Gram)
    OG Kush Korova (5 Grams)
    Mendo Breath Korova (5 Grams)
    Mendo Breath Korova (1 Gram)
    Gelato Korova (5 Grams)
    Gelato Korova (1 Gram)
    Super Silver Haze Korova (5 Grams)
    Super Silver Haze Korova (1 Gram)
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  • Buy Korova Cannabis Jars

    Durban Poison Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Black Jack Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Apples & Bananas Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Big Apple Kush Mints Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Bacio Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Gelato #41 Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Jungle Breath Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Cheetah Piss Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Divorce Cake Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Appalachia Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Rainbow Gelato Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Gas Cream Cake Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Alien Banana Candy Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Bananas n Cream Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Mamba Mints Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Orange Sherb Crasher Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Party Foul Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Julius Caesar Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Mr. Zoftee Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Plutonium Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Melted Strawberries Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Lava Freeze Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Back to the Future #2 Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Chunky Monkee Korova Jar (3.5G)
     Apple Tartz Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Jet Fuel OG Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Jack the Ripper Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Formula One Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Diablo OG Korova Jar (3.5G)
    LA Kush Cake Korova Jar (3.5G)
     White Gorilla Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Super Lemon Haze Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Acapulco Gold Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Chocolate Thai Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Platinum Punch Mints Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Valley Girl Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Banana Macaroon Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Sundae Driver Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Wonka Bars Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Alien Blackout Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Utopia Haze Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Mendo Breath Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Tzar Bomba Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Pie Face Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Jack Herer Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Fruity Pebbles OG Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Hawaiian Ice Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Holy Grail Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Silver OG Korova Jar (3.5G)
    Z Cube Korova Jar (3.5G)
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