Pacific Stone Strains Review
When seeking affordable options, consider Pacific Stone’s 805 Glue hybrid cannabis as a great choice for experiencing potent euphoria paired with a delightful citrusy taste. These buds are effortless to grind and even more enjoyable to smoke.

Our assessment of PR OG Indica resulted in a commendable grade of 4.2 out of 5. Despite being priced modestly, this strain of flower that’s high in THC exceeded our expectations with its potency and sustained impact. On the other hand, the taste of this strain fell short of our expectations, while the buds themselves were minute and lacking in a significant frostiness.

Our distinguished High-End Collection features only the finest Pacific Stone flowers handpicked by our team of expert cultivators. Our quality growers have deemed this particular strain to be of the highest quality, and it is now available in elegant glass jars, perfectly preserving its structure while exuding enchanting aromas and bold flavors. Our High-End Collection promises a consistent and unparalleled experience, and our 3.5g jars are affordably priced starting at $25.

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    Wedding Cake Indica (3.5g)
    Fruit Bubblegum Sativa (3.5g)
    Kush Mints Hybrid (3.5g)
    Blue Dream Sativa (3.5g)
    Grape Pie (3.5g)
    Sherblato Hybrid (3.5g)
    Sherbert Hybrid (3.5g)
    805 Glue Hybrid (3.5g)
    White Runtz Indica (3.5g)
    Strawberry Cheesecake Hybrid (3.5g)
    Sunset Sherbet Hybrid (3.5g)
    Orange Cookies Sativa (3.5g)
    Pound Cake Indica (3.5g)
    MVP Cookies Hybrid (3.5g)
    805 Sour Hybrid (3.5g)
    Banjo Sativa (3.5g)
    PR OG Indica (3.5g)
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