Cookies X Lemonnade Preorolls

The cookies x lemonnade prerolls THC diamonds are said to enhance the pre-roll experience in terms of potency, flavor, and smoke smoothness. While it is true that pre-rolls containing THC diamonds are more potent due to the pure crystallized THC, we at BestDosage hold a different view on the improvement of flavor and smoke harshness.

Cookie’s diamond-infused pre-rolls, like most pre-rolls, score low in terms of flavor, averaging around 3/5. Furthermore, the harshness of the smoke was not mitigated by the diamonds, as it was still rough on our throats and mouths. Therefore, the supposed benefits of diamonds on flavor and smoke smoothness did not hold up to our experience.

Gary Payton prerolls from Cookies falls in the middle ground – not exceptional but not subpar either. At 19.3% THC, the average high doesn’t justify the $59.95 price for 3.5 grams or $17.95 for a 1-gram pre-roll. Higher expectations due to requests and cost left us underwhelmed. Final judgment awaits the dried flower. The pre-roll’s mild smell contrasts with a more pronounced flavor, initially gassy but resin buildup affected it. Smaller joints or bowls might suit it better. Pre-rolling impacted aroma; the plastic container had a fleeting diesel scent. This aspect will update when evaluating the dried flower.

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