Grandiflora Genetics by Cookies

With humble beginnings in Oakland, the team behind Grandi embodies the growth and evolution of the plant from which they draw their name. As a premier cannabis brand, Grandiflora has cultivated a worldwide following, thanks in part to their commitment to supporting social equity within Oakland’s cannabis community.
They continue to push the boundaries of genetics and offer some of the most coveted strains in the industry. The impact of founders Mark and Prada extends far beyond their local community, with their influence felt around the globe.

Grandiflora Genetics Strains Review

The proprietor of the brand holds a particular affinity towards the Magnolia grandiflora, more commonly known as the southern magnolia.
Glanadifora Genetics prides itself on cultivating authentic and innovative strains of cannabis. Their assortment of strains includes some of their most coveted options:
Red Velvet Grandifora Strain – boasts a high potency that elicits a taste similar to a funky, musky cheesecake. This strain’s impeccable humidity and precise trimming make it a fan favorite. Users experience a moderate effect that leaves them feeling slightly hazy.
E85 Grandifora Strain – a relaxing hybrid strain with a THC level of 29.1%, offers an earthy and fruity taste and aroma. It provides enough strength to trigger a head and body high.
The Top Secret Project 4516 Grandifora Strain – offers a 27.9% THC level that induces a solid high, allowing relaxation without extreme euphoria. With its sweet and fruity taste and aroma, it remains a favorite among connoisseurs.
Chemical X Grandifora Strain – approximately 30.24% THC and a cross between two distinct strains, proves a potent strain with a powdery and weedy taste. Ideal for those who suffer from chronic sleep problems, this strain will not leave you feeling hazy.
Grandi Guava Grandifora Strain – provides a 28% THC level with a light fruity taste. Some users describe it as a rough flower, but lowering the temperature on a device such as a vaporcup can make it smoother.
Super Charger Grandifora Strain – boasts of a 24% THC level and 0.04% CBD, allows for a smooth pull that delivers the right amount of high without the haze.
Hectane Grandifora Strain – offers a 29% THC level that leaves users feeling calm and with a solid high. Its distinct earthy taste adds to its popularity.

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