Hash, Hashish

Concealed beneath its darker outer skin lies a golden brown interior. The chunks are well-formed, showing minimal signs of contaminants, a testament to its quality, particularly given its journey through various hands. Its even layering is an indication that it hasn’t been tampered with.

AROMA A scent of sweet cinnamon clove fills the air. When ignited, it produces a dense blue-grey smoke reminiscent of incense within the halls of an ancient Buddhist temple, a place that, if still standing, might have been untouched by the turmoil of Taliban conflicts or “surgical strikes.” (No offense, couldn’t resist!)

FLAVOR The initial drag off the pipe may be slightly harsh, burning away the outer darkness to reveal the delightful essence of the golden interior. Notes of mint, vanilla, clove, and earthy spice dominate the flavor profile. Paired with a bottle of Merlot and aged Gouda cheese, it was the perfect choice for our pre-dinner gathering.

EFFECTS A buzzing sensation and a gradually intensifying high are experienced for around 15 minutes, followed by a pronounced body high. This strain induced a desire to unwind and remain indoors, making it ideal for a post-dinner relaxation session.

SUMMARY This resin was a delightful find. The golden brown interior held the secret to its flavorful experience, impressively well-crafted. Its propensity for inducing a relaxing body high has earned it a place on my shelf, ready for the next rainy evening spent dozing on the couch in front of the fireplace.

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