Lemonnade Cookies Strains 3.5G

Lemonnade cookies strains the sibling company of Cookies, is in partnership with hip-hop artist Berner and breeder Brett Wilson to provide a dispensary experience with a focus on Sativa strains. In my recent review of Honey Buns by Cookies, we uncovered that Cake Mix genetics has only one Sativa Hybrid parent, Lemon Pound Cake #75, resulting in a strain that primarily leans towards its Wedding Cake parent in my view.

Lemonnade Strains Review

Cake Mix Lemonnade strain -Expected lemon-like terpenes, got a strong gassy cake profile. Flower had a nice structure, slightly fox-tailed, common in Cookies Brands. Flavor resembled Biscoff cookie, notably shortbread. High suited productive chores at home. Cake Mix suits Indica enthusiasts seeking productivity. Enjoyable experience, earned a high overall score. In short, Cake Mix offers impressive packaging, unique flavor, and a productive high.

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