Minntz Weed by Cookies

The Minntz brand was established through a collaborative effort between renowned brands, Seed Junkies and Cookies. Seed Junkies has an esteemed reputation for their exceptional lineage of breeders who are dedicated to producing artisanal flowers, making them a natural choice for partnering with Cookies, given their shared commitment to crafting quality products.

Minntz Cannabis has become renowned for their range of flower, live resin vape cartridges, gio g pen vape pods, and vape battery cannabis products. Their product line boasts an impressive array of strains such as Animal Minntz, Jealousy, Orange Push Pop, Lemon Mints, Ice Cream Cake, and The Soap.

Minntz Strains Review

The Minntz collection boasts an array of strains that draw from their distinct signature flavors and are available in a range of forms including flowers and edibles. Some of the standout varieties include
The Soap Minntz strain – featuring frosty, tight-knit nugs with a soapy aroma and sweet cake undertones.
Jealousy Minntz strain – is recognized for its striking purple appearance and sweet cream scent, paired with a heavy gelato and candy cream flavor that packs a potent punch.
Christmas Tree Minntz strain – For those seeking a powerful nighttime experience, the strain boasts a deep cake frost appearance, piney aroma, and a kush flavor with sweet earthy notes.
London Pound Minntz strain – combines an orange and purple appearance with a sandalwood and grape aroma, delivering Indica-leaning effects perfect for relaxation.

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