Pacific Gold Disposable Pen
Pacific Gold specializes in crafting all-natural cannabis oils and products that embody the laid-back and carefree feeling of being on a beach vacation. Jules, the founder of Pacific Gold, enlisted the Hoodzpah team to develop a unique brand identity and voice for his cannabis brand. As a seasoned consultant for the top cannabis brands in California, Jules sought to create a product that would be accessible to a wide range of consumers – think of it as the Coca-Cola of Cannabis.
Pacific Gold’s offerings are designed to be enjoyed by anyone, whether they’re a UCLA student, a busy parent, a corporate executive, or even your beloved grandmother. This brand shies away from the stereotypical tropes of weed culture and instead appeals to the diverse and growing demographic of cannabis consumers.

For those new to cannabis, visiting a dispensary can be a daunting task. However, Pacific Gold has taken steps to ease the experience by designing their packaging with warm and inviting colors that stand out from the sea of greens, blacks, and golds. To make it even easier, each strain is labeled with an application sticker, ensuring that users can differentiate between them. Even the vape pens stand out from the rest, featuring a unique warm white LED tip instead of the typical neon colors.