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THC Pills and Weed Capsules

THC pills are ingestible capsules that contain extracts from the cannabis plant or synthetic cannabinoids. They can provide relief from symptoms and are a more discreet and convenient method of consumption compared to inhaling cannabis. Synthetic THC pills have more severe side effects than whole-plant cannabis products. THC pills bypass respiratory side effects and provide a more potent and long-lasting experience. However, overconsumption can lead to uncomfortable physical and mental responses. THC pills have a delayed onset of effects compared to inhaled cannabis. It is important to consult with a healthcare provider and not administer THC pills to children without a pediatrician’s recommendation.

Ataraxia has developed a new micro-dosing tablet that is easier and more effective for dosing. The tablet contains 2.5 mg of CBD and is designed for low dose applications. It can be mixed with other cannabinoid tablets or used by people new to CBD dosing. Level Stimulate THC Tablinguals are dissolvable tablets with specific cannabinoid isolates, ideal for travel and on-the-go dosing. PTS Night Caps are sleep aid capsules containing 2mg melatonin and 10mg THC to promote restfulness. They can be taken before bed or to combat jet lag.

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