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Verano Essence flowers aims to demonstrate that cannabis deserves improvement. We handcraft consistently elevated cannabis products for diverse preferences and comfort levels. Our purposeful, curated collection includes cannabis strains, pre-rolls, vapes, and extracts—all derived from the premium flower we cultivate in-house.

Also, Verano being a vertically-integrated cannabis company, holds the ability to govern each element of its product starting from the cultivation of the plant up to the manufacturing of products specific to each brand. By doing so, Verano can fabricate purely high-grade, organic cannabis commodities, which deliver maximum benefits to the consumers.

Verano Weed Strains List

Verano offers a diverse range of cannabis strains to suit various tastes. From uplifting Sunshine OG to citrus-infused Sunny D, indulgent Rocky Road, and delectable Punch Cookies, the variety is unmatched. Dive into the zesty vibes of Orange Soda or the exotic allure of Mag Landrace. Satisfy your sweet tooth with dessert-inspired Funnelcake or Lemon Sorbet. Experience bold notes in Dirty Kush or fruity delights in Cherry On Top and Cherry Malt.

For legendary celebrations, there’s Birthday Legend, while Berrylicious and Berry Tart bring bursts of berry goodness. Explore unique blends like Bussin Strain, Burmese, B52 Bomber, Apricot Stomper, Winter Truffle, Yum Yum Strain, Tres Leches, and the potent Tire Fire. Each strain is a crafted masterpiece, promising a distinct and delightful cannabis experience.

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