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125mg/0.5mL 5-MeO DMT Vaporizer Cartridge (510 thread)


300mg/1.0mL 5-MeO DMT Vaporizer Cartridge (510 thread)


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Lucid Supply Co 5-MeO DMT Vaporizer Cart Review

The 5-MeO DMT Lucid Supply vape contains The Sonoran Desert Toad/Colorado River Toad. A common source of 5-MeO-DMT, a potent psychedelic compound often considered the strongest on the planet. In comparison to its relative, N,N-dimethyltryptamine, 5-MeO-DMT is around 4-6 times more powerful. Checkout other DMT Vapes brands.
Our cartridge is compatible with all vaporizer batteries that use the “510 thread,” a popular and widely used battery type among THC vaporizers. It is possible that you may already have one of these batteries in your possession. If you do not currently have a 510 thread battery, you can easily acquire one through our 510 Thread Vape Battery product.

The 5-MeO DMT Lucid Supply Vape Cartridge Experience

While 5-MeO-DMT is the most potent psychedelic out there, it’s also one of the fastest acting. Smoking or vaporizing 5-MeO-DMT will elicit an experience between 15-20 minutes in duration, however during this experience you may completely forget that time exists at all.

Lucid 5-MeO-DMT pens are made by mixing pure freebase 5-methoxy-NN-dimethyltryptamine with propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). PV/VG is found in all THC, Nicotine, or other vaporizers, and both substances are shown to be relatively innocuous to ingest. We also add high quality flavouring (with no vitamin E) to help mask the harsh taste commonly associated with DMT.
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Recommended 5MeO DMT Dosage

Mild experience – (5mg) 1 five second pull, hold in as long as you can.

Full experience – (10-15mg)(breakthrough experience) – 2-3 five second pulls, holding in as long as you can, further pulls if you are capable.

You should also close your eyes for as much of the process as possible.

5-MeO DMT Cartridge Effects

Due to its remarkable effects, it is known as “the God molecule,” as it can trigger mystical or spiritual experiences where users feel they have communicated with a divine being or consciousness. This compound is capable of catapulting individuals into intense visual hallucinations and distorting their perception of time, revealing deep and powerful insights into the fundamental nature of reality.


125mg/0.5mL 5-MeO DMT Cartridge, 300mg/1.0mL 5-MeO DMT Cartridge


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