80’s Baby (SATIVA) – Green Dragon Weed – 3.5


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Strain Type SATIVA
THC   51%
Quantity    3.5G

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The Sativa strain known as 80’s Baby strain, grown by Green Dragon, is a vibrant and invigorating choice. With a citrusy aroma dominated by lemon terpenes, Small 80’s Baby Green Dragon weed not only pleases the senses but also uplifts the mind. To maintain freshness, the flower is packaged in air-tight containers, ensuring safe storage. SoCal Green Dragon is committed to providing high-quality cannabis products and has been cultivating award-winning strains for years, now available for all to enjoy.

Lemon Drip, one of the feminized OG Kush phenotype seeds developed by DNA, offers a pleasant and smooth smoking experience that perfectly complements the soft and creamy sensations it delivers. With a distinct sour and diesel flavor profile, it has left a lasting impression on its users.

Moreover, its significantly higher yields compared to the original OG Kush make it a popular strain among cannabis cultivators. Enjoying this strain with friends while reminiscing is an ideal way to savor its unique qualities. Also, SMALLS Sicario Green Dragon Weed and Cherry Lemon Smackz Teds Budz

Green Dragons 80’s Baby strain Review

Experience the refreshing flavor and aroma of classic lemon terpene profiles with our premium sativa. Hand-selected from our top-tier indoor flower, our small 80’s Baby strain nugs offer a unique option for cannabis enthusiasts. These buds, comparable in size to popcorn, may not have the visual appeal of larger A-grade nugs, but their quality and potency is not to be underestimated.

With a price point in-between budget and high-quality cannabis, our small nugs provide a versatile option for any cannabis connoisseur. Expect a potency that is on par with, if not slightly lower than, A-grade buds of the same strain. However, You need to take a look at Green Dragon Strains In stock.



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