Animal Mintz (Indica) | Loudpack Premieum 3.5G Cannabis Flower


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   56%
Quantity    3.5G

Loudpack Premium Cannabis Flower 3.5g Animal Mintz Nugs Marijuana

Animal Mintz Loudpack Weed is distinguished by its fluffy nugs adorned with a generous amount of amber trichomes and copious resin. As expected from its genetic makeup, this strain boasts a medley of flavors and aromas that evoke the essence of mint, cookie dough, pine, and diesel.

Once consumed, Animal Mint quickly transforms users from a functional state to one of complete sedation. Its cerebral effects, while initially stimulating, soon give way to a dreamlike state that can be described as both tranquil and lethargic. Those who partake are advised to have a cozy spot reserved beforehand, as couch lock is almost certain to occur.
Although not readily available in seed form, the effort to obtain Animal Mint is well worth it for cannabis enthusiasts. It has the power to ease both physical and mental ailments, making it a valuable asset to any garden.

Animal Mintz Loudpack Weed Bulk Wholesale Discount Review

For those who savor the taste of mint, there seems to be no limit to the delectable combinations that can be conjured. While it may be amusing to entertain the thought of coupling mint with animals, the mere name of the Animal Mint strain is tantalizing. However, this bud harbors a degree of ambiguity, as its lineage could be traced to Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG, or it may have originated from Thin Mint GSC and Animal Cookies, with a touch of Blue Power, depending on who you ask.
Adding to the confusion is the inconsistent potency of Animal Mint, which has been reported to range from as low as 15% THC to as high as 32%. Nevertheless, this strain is known for inducing feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and happiness, which makes it ideal for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or migraines.

In summary, Animal Mint is a strain that captivates the senses and promises to transport users to a realm of relaxation and contentment. It is best enjoyed with a clear schedule and plenty of snacks, as well as a warning to friends that anything said or done while under its influence cannot be held against the user the next day. Buyers of this strain also went for Animal Mintz Loudpack Weed and GMO Rove Cartridge.


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