Animal Mintz Jeeter Juice – Disposable Live Resin Straw: 500 mg


Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   81.35%
Quantity   500mg



Animal Mintz Jeeter Juice Disposable Bar Straw

Animal Mintz Jeeter Disposable Juice Bar Carts, is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Animal Cookies with SinMint Cookies. Also, it produces a strong body and head high, making it ideal for after work and evening use. This strain features a sweet, pungent aroma that is minty on the exhale.

Growers say Animal Mints has bright green and brown buds with only a dusting of frost. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with stress.

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Also, Jeeter Juice Apple Fritter Disposable Bar. This three-way cross is perfect for the experienced hybrid lover, with hard-hitting effects and a high potency level of 22-24% THC on average. The effects come on fast and hard, hitting your mind first with a powerful cerebral stimulation that has your mind activated and racing.

A light hint of relaxation comes next, slowly inching its way into your body before taking hold and leaving you fully couch-locked and hopelessly sedated before you finally pass out and fall asleep. With these heavy effects, Animal Mintz is often chosen to treat conditions such as insomnia, chronic stress or PTSD, depression and chronic fatigue.

This bud has a super sweet nutty cookie taste with mouthfuls of sharp mint and spicy coffee upon exhale.

Animal Mintz Jeeter THC Disposable Bars Live Resin

Animal Mints is the offspring of legendary California breeder, Seed Junky Genetics. They created this strain by herding together Animal Cookies, Blue Power, and GSC. With two cookie strains in its lineage, with a sweet scent and smooth minty flavor, it’s no wonder Animal Mints inherited a tendency to provide a powerful serenity.

We press high-quality hash through a filter using pressure and heat allowing the smooth dabbable oil to be released. We then collect and portion the rosin into beautiful coins for your dabbing pleasure.

ORIGIN #1 Animal Mintz, Haze and Skunk
EFFECTS Happy – 10
Uplifted – 10
Euphoric – 9
Energetic – 8
Creative – 7
FRAGRANCE Citrus, diesel, pungent, skunky, sour, sweet
FLAVORS Earthy, citrus, sweet, spicy, lemon, herbal
Dry eyes – 7
Paranoid – 3
Dizzy – 3
Headache – 2
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Depression – 8
Pain – 5
Fatigue – 4
Lack of appetite – 4


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