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Atomic Apple Alien Labs Bar Review | All in One Vaping Stick


The Atomic Apple Alien Labs is a perfect combination of Triangle Mints and Apple Fritter. Resulting in an earthy, citrusy and dessert-like flavor that is perfect for unwinding alone or with friends. If you’re in need of an apple-citrus flavored strain to match the autumn weather. And provide relief from depression, Atomic Apple is a great choice.
My eighth of Atomic Apple by Alien Labs was a Hybrid (50/50) with a THC content of 32.47%. The buds were light green with traces of purple, and white cloudy trichomes covered them. The aroma and flavor profile was reminiscent of peeled apples and spicy apple sauce. The effects initially uplifted me, then gently settled me down. Enjoy the pleasure of smoking Atomic Apple, which is one of my favorite strains. As its pungent scent is similar to green apples and sometimes even apple pie. I have yet to come across another apple strain that’s as accurate as Atomic Apple.

Atomic Apple Alien Labs


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When you get a hold of the Atomic Apple nugs. Hence, you’ll be met with fat lumps colored light green like the sea with streaks of deep blue. The buds are fluffy, long, and glossy, with bright amber trichomes. Once you open your bag and start pulling apart the nugs, you’ll be greeted with the aroma of apple cider and musky berries. The combination of sour and sweet is mixed with a scent of cheese, pungent spice, and citrus. The flavor profile is like a tart apple mixed with a creamy, cheesy flavor that’s almost like vanilla yogurt, with hints of mint and gas. It’s a flavor profile that will leave you mind-altered but pleasantly so if you have experience with Triangle Mints or Apple Fritter.
The THC levels of Atomic Apple can reach up to 26%, so dosing depends on your tolerance. However, the taste of vanilla and fuel is sure to make you feel euphoric. Once the effects start to set in, you’ll first feel a sense of mental energy and clarity, while your physical body starts to sink as your mind lifts. Despite its high THC content, Atomic Apple relaxes you gently, moving slowly at first, allowing you to feel focused on your thoughts and bursting with creativity. It relaxes without sedating, which is perfect for anyone who wants to feel calm but still alert. People who bought this also enjoyed GDP X Creme De Menthe Alien Labs and Melonade x Animal Cookies x Biscotti Alien Labs.

Alien Labs Disposable Atomic Apple Strain Effect


Atomic Apple’s effects are ideal for relaxing at home, doing household chores, pursuing your hobbies, reading, knitting, or even unwinding at a spa or massage place. It’s perfect for anyone looking to de-stress, remove depression from their minds, or relax with friends at home or outdoors.
If you find yourself struggling to slow down and relax your mind and body. Atomic Apple can help you blast away those stressful thoughts and induce a trancelike state. The euphoric introspection that it provides is perfect for people. Who want to be more grounded and in tune with their thoughts. As long as you can handle mid-high 20s in terms of THC. And appreciate sweet, sour, spicy, citrusy, cheesy, minty, and a touch of fuel flavors. Atomic Apple could be the perfect cure-all for your mid-afternoon slump.

Atomic Apple Alien Labs



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