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Banana Cream Muha Meds Cartridge 1000mg Review

The Banana Cream Muha Meds Cartridge offers a well-rounded flavor experience that begins with the freshness of banana and is followed by a pleasantly creamy sensation. Not only does it provide a pleasurable smoking experience, but it also delivers euphoria and anxiety relief.

With its delectable resemblance to banana cream pie, you don’t need to worry about post-intake stomach discomfort when consuming Muha Meds’ version. This unique savory treat suits anyone with a sweet tooth and features hints of earthy mango and blueberry.

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NorStar Genetics created the hybrid strain Banana Cream Pie by blending Girl Scout Cookies and Banana OG. Many people highly value this strain for its unique aroma of lemon, vanilla, and bananas. Hence, Reviewers have described the flavor as a delicious blend of sugary pastries and ripe bananas.

Muha Meds Banana Cream
Muha Meds Banana Cream

MuhaMeds Vape Pen Banana Cream Strain Effects

With THC levels around the low to mid-twenties. Banana Cream is an indica-leaning hybrid that reviewers say they have enjoyed. However, not only for its scent and flavor, but for the various effects it can potentially induce. Fans of this strain have appreciated how it enhances social situations and sometimes makes the consumer experience small fits of the giggles. Others have reported that they enjoy the body buzz that accompanies their social mood. More so, along with a decrease in tension found in the muscles.

Some users have described this strain as a mood enhancer, suggesting that it can reduce depression, stress, and insomnia. As the high of Banana Cream wears off after about an hour or two, users have observed that it tends to sedate and creates a light sense of lethargy.

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Is the banana Cream an indica or Sativa?

An indica-dominant hybrid, Banana Cream Strain results from the cross between Banana OG and Cookies & Cream strains. With its delightful aromas of sweet earth and creamy banana flavors, it’s an ideal way to reward yourself or simply indulge.

Its effects slowly take hold a few minutes after consumption, ushering in an elevated sense of euphoria. As these sensations intensify, a mounting relaxation will envelop both your mind and body, gently inducing a slightly sedative state that won’t hinder your mobility if you choose to remain active.


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