Banana Cream Pie (HYBRID) | Berner Cookies 3.5G Premium Flower

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Berner’s Cookies Brand

Flavor: Banana Cream Pie 

Weight: 3.5 Grams

Strain Type:

Banana Cream Pie Berner Cookies Weed Strain Taste 3.5G

Banana Cream Pie Berner Cookies, is a perfectly balanced hybrid that boasts a deliciously sweet flavor akin to a dessert. Its lineage comprises of Banana OG, Ocean Beach OG, and the wildly popular Blue Dream hybrid, differentiating it from Banana Cream, which also stems from Banana OG. The strain is notorious for its potent effects, coupled with a fruity aftertaste. Banana Cream OG can contain anywhere between 15% to an astounding 30% THC content.

The medium to large-sized buds of Banana Cream OG are chunky and irregularly-shaped, giving them a unique appearance. The flowers carry an indica-leaning structure with a tightly packed center, adorned with small, wide leaves colored in mossy green with rust-colored pistils that give it an intricate look. What sets Banana Cream OG apart is the cloudy, transparent trichomes that blanket every nook and cranny of the flowers, making them stickier than glue.

Buy Berner Cookies Banana Cream Pie Bud Strain Review

While Banana OG, its parent strain, has a mild banana flavor, Banana Cream OG lacks that specific blend of terpenes. Instead, a closer examination of the flowers may reveal hints of citrus fruit. Grinding up the buds, on the other hand, releases a combination of herbal and piney aromas. When consumed through a pipe or joint, Banana Cream OG produces a silky smoke that effortlessly settles in the lungs, and its exhale is characterized by a velvety creaminess.

Also, we have Heavy Eye (INDICA) Berner Cookies Weed 3.5G and Ape Rove Cartridge. As one indulges in Banana Cream OG, the high may take some time to set in, causing impatience and prompting some to increase their intake. However, after approximately 15 minutes, strange sensations focused on the head may arise, such as a flushing of the cheeks and twitching around the temples.

Berner Cookies Banana Cream Pie Cannabis Weed Aroma Effects

These sensations gradually diminish, giving way to heightened thought patterns. Ideas that typically go unnoticed may suddenly command more attention, while unexpected connections between unrelated things may come to light. This deeply cerebral state can facilitate productivity across a wide range of tasks, as well as foster giddy energy and lively conversation when shared among friends. In some cases, the mental stimulation may result in an odd type of sensory distortion.
After slightly over an hour, Banana Cream OG reveals its physical properties with ripples of relaxation coursing through the body, spreading outward from the core and extremities. Those who are active or out and about may suddenly feel weighed down, as if they are wading through a viscous substance. However, those already lounging at home can luxuriate in the strain’s calming body stone. At this point, Banana Cream OG’s previous mental clarity may begin to dissipate, leaving users with a desire to simply unwind with a movie or some snacks. Due to its gradual onset of sedation, it is best to consume Banana Cream OG later in the day or early in the evening.
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