Paris OG Shatter


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This magnificent meeting of Banana and Paris OG makes for a heavy hitting, sweet dreaming indica. With the flavors of Banana mixing in with the effects of Paris OG, this strain has all the grace of a French aristocrat. Expect dazzling body buzzes that lead to relaxing cat naps fit for royalty.

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Despite its THC percentage, this Cannavative shatter proved to be much stronger than other strains I have tried, including an 82% shatter from Kabunky. Its strength is comparable to Moxie’s Cake Batter extract, making it a top-notch option.
The energy provided by this shatter was impressive, as it did not induce drowsiness or a “cracky” feeling. In fact, it offered a clean and pleasant experience that is unmatched by any other wax pen I’ve used. While the THC percentage may not be exceptionally high, the quality of this shatter is evident in its stable and candy-like texture, making it the highest quality shatter I’ve come across.

“Indica strains are believed to be physically sedating, perfect for relaxing with a movie or as a nightcap before bed.”


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