Mario Cart Billy Kimber Full gram


Weight: 1 Gram

Strain Type : Indica

THC : 87.20%

Product Flavor: Billy Kimber 

Packaging: Ziplock bag

Material: Glass


                                         BILLY KIMBER MARIO CART

Billy Kimber Mario cart is a unique indica strain cart, dominant OG phenotype. This exquisite OG cut bears the undeniably harsh and spicy flavour profile characteristic of all great OGs and reeks overwhelmingly of pungent gasoline and freshly cut pine.This strain produces a heavy body buzz and intense cerebral invigoration best reserved for experienced users, with many patients reporting Billy Kimber Mario carts has efficacy in fighting the symptoms of chronic pain as well as muscle spasms.Buy Billy Kimber Mario Carts full gram from Mario carts today!

When you smoke a moderate amount of it, it will be too much. Know that. Possibly the most melted high of your life, which is worth exploring from time to time, but probably the best way to begin with Billy Kimber is to treat it like an edible, a little at a time. One hit and see how you feel and work it out from there. In other words, control yourself.


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