Blackjack Diamonds (HYBRID) | Kurvana Disposable Bar – Carbon21 All-In-One


 Strain Type   HYBRID
  Quantity   500mg


Kurvana Bar Blackjack Diamonds THC Cart

Blackjack Diamonds Kurvana Disposable All-In-One, part of the CARBON21 line of concentrates, offers a unique blend of earthy and sweet pine notes that provide a clear-headed mindset. This small-batch strain is presented in its raw concentrate form, showcasing the complexity of the live plant’s cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.

Derived from a cross between the Black Domina and Jack Herer strains, the Blackjack Diamonds is a pungent, indica-dominant hybrid that boasts heavy earth and sweet pine aromas. The strain’s dominant terpene, Terpinolene, adds a sweet woody aftertaste upon exhale, providing a satisfying smoking experience.
For convenience, Kurvana’s Blackjack Diamonds is available as an All-In-One option that does not require additional batteries or charging.

Blackjack Diamonds Kurvana Disposable Vape Pen

Moreover, Kurvana’s All-In-One vape pen, known as Blackjack Diamonds, is a raw cannabis concentrate free of additives. Cannabis enthusiasts who prefer strong indica-dominant hybrids will be impressed by the terpene profile and effects of this hybrid strain. Blackjack Diamonds is widely praised for its smooth taste and crystal-like structures, reminiscent of diamonds. This strain is known for inducing cerebral and uplifting sensations that aid in focus.

It works rapidly, quickly transitioning from mental elevation to a tranquil state of relaxation throughout the body. With a total THC content of 78.73%, 8.18% THCa, and 0.20% CBD, medical users find it helpful for insomnia and mood balancing. It is an ideal hybrid strain for mental clarity. Also See Master OG Kurvana Disposable and Super Silver Haze Rove Cart



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