Bloom Classic Surf All-In-One 500mg | Maui Waui (Sativa) 500mg


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Strain Type   SATIVA
THC   82.51%
Quantity    500mg

Bloom Disposable Live Resin Maui Waui Strain Effects

Maui Waui Bloom Disposable is a sativa-dominant hybrid that became popular in the 1960s. It was considered to be a top-of-the-line strain at the time due to its significantly higher THC content compared to other marijuana strains that were available. In fact, Maui Waui was one of the first strains to have a much higher THC content than average strains during that era.

During the 1960s, most marijuana strains had an average THC content of under 8%. However, Maui Waui had a much higher THC content, which often reached well into the teens. As a result, it quickly became one of the most desired strains among users who sought a stronger and more potent high.
Maui Waui is known for its energetic and creative effects, as well as its tendency to cause dry mouth and dry eyes. It is commonly used to alleviate symptoms of depression, chronic pain, and a lack of appetite. The strain has a sweet and citrusy flavor profile that is often described as being similar to that of pineapple, with a sour and tangy aftertaste.

Maui Waui Bloom Disposable Cannabis Flower Vape Bars Review

Maui Waui is believed to have originated as an outdoor grow on the island of Maui, although its exact genetics remain unknown. Its buds are characterized by their light green color and white trichomes, with orange and yellow hairs that occasionally protrude. Maui Waui’s aroma is often described as being tropical and fruity, with a distinct pineapple scent. More so, Bloom Disposables Bars Cartridges and California Kush Raw Garden Disposable.
The strain is considered to be a middle to high-grade medication that provides a typical sativa high, along with some indica benefits. Although other strains have since surpassed Maui Waui in terms of THC content, it remains a popular strain among users who enjoy its energetic and creative effects. When grown in a tropical climate, Maui Waui is fairly resistant to mold, mildew, and disease, and can reach heights of up to 175 centimeters.
In summary, Maui Waui is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has been popular among marijuana users since the 1960s due to its high THC content and energetic effects. While other strains have since surpassed it in terms of potency, Maui Waui remains a popular strain among users who enjoy its tropical and fruity flavor profile, as well as its creative and energetic effects.


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