Bloom Live Surf All-In-One 500mg | Blue Magic (Sativa)


Strain Type   Sativa
THC  87.34%
Quantity    500mg


Blue Magic Bloom Disposable Bars Live Resin Vape 500mg Aroma

Blue Magic Bloom Disposable Cart THC, a predominantly Sativa strain that boasts an intense euphoric buzz without sacrificing the ability to focus. Despite its popularity, the breeder of this mysterious strain remains unknown, and its lineage is also a subject of debate. Many experts speculate that it may have originated from a Blue Dream phenotype.

This renowned strain needs no introduction, as it is a descendant of two highly prized marijuana plants: Haze, which contributed to its Sativa structure, and Blueberry, which bestowed its incredible aroma and full-bodied relaxing high. While these two strains are essentially the same, Blue Magic distinguishes itself with its laser-focused high, which sets it apart from the dreamy effects of Blue Dream.

Bloom Classic Surf Disposables Strain Solvent Free vape Bar Extracts Review

Notably, there are other strains that share the same name as Blue Magic. One such strain is a 90% Indica plant created by Amsterdam Genetics through a combination of Headband and Green Magic. Additionally, Magic Strains developed an auto strain using Blue Amnesia XXL and Blueberry Headband Auto. When consumed, Blue Magic offers users a magical journey, rapidly producing a euphoric rush to the head.

As the effects intensify, users may experience heightened visual and auditory distortions, such as increased color vibrancy and amplified sounds. However, rather than being debilitating, the strain actually counterbalances these effects by inducing a remarkable ability to focus. More so, Bloom Classic Surf All-In-One 500mg | Jack Herer (Sativa) and Candy Lime Acai Rove Cartridge

Buy Bloom Live Surf Bar Cartridges Extracts Blue Magic strain Effects

The powerful Sativa hybrids are known for their intense psychedelic effects that can sometimes be too much for some individuals. Despite the revitalizing boost they provide, maintaining focus on tasks at hand can become difficult. However, the true charm of this strain lies in its ability to not only energize users but also spark motivation and productivity, encouraging them to tackle and finish tasks with a renewed sense of inspiration.

Blue magic originates from a blend of fruity, lemon, blueberry, and sweet fragrances, while creamy, blueberry, sweet, tropical, and lemon flavors dominate its taste. It boasts various medical benefits, such as pain relief and insomnia management, albeit less effective for depression, stress, and fatigue. When consumed, it typically induces a relaxed, euphoric, happy, and sometimes hungry state, but can also lead to adverse reactions such as dry mouth, paranoia, and occasional dizziness and dry eyes.


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