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Taste: Blueberry, Earthy, Vanilla

Feels: Relaxed, Euphoric, Sleepy

Strain: Blueberry x Girl Scout Cookies


Blue Cookies Sauce Disposable Cart 1G

Blue Cookies Sauce Disposable is a hybrid strain that leans towards the indica side, resulting from a cross between Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). It is renowned for its sweet and fruity fragrance, which is said to resemble blueberries and citrus. Its flavor profile consists of blueberry, earthy, and vanilla notes.

The high potency of Blue Cookies, with THC content around 28%, has made it a preferred choice for experienced cannabis users. It delivers an initial head high followed by a calming body high, inducing feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and sleepiness. Due to its strong effects, it is recommended that novice cannabis consumers approach Blue Cookies with caution.

Sauce Bar Blue Cookies Strain Effects | Sauce Essentials

Firstly, Blue Cookies strain has recorded THC levels of 26% on some occasions, although its average falls just below this figure. When consumed, the strain induces an immediate head high that leaves users feeling elated and at times disconnected from their surroundings. This feeling is soon followed by a profound relaxation of the body muscles, which can induce sleepiness. Lastly, have a tour of our Sauce Bars Carts Flavors.
Furthermore, Consequently, first-timers are advised to consume this strain in the evenings or at night. However, novice consumers should exercise caution when using Blue Cookies, as improper consumption may lead to anxiousness and paranoia. The best environment for cultivating this strain is indoors.
Blue Cookies offers a range of effects that include focus, happiness, sexual arousal, and relaxation. The strain’s initial euphoric head high soon gives way to a mellow body high. As the name suggests, the buds are dense and have a dark bluish tint, covered in a thick layer of resinous crystals.
The flavor is sweet and smooth, with hints of earth, candy, and orange, while the aroma is sweet and evocative of cookies. Although popular on the West Coast, Blue Cookies is not widely available in other parts of the United States. Here’s what pairs perfectly with this strain Black Truffle Sauce Disposable and cake disposable gen 3.


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