Blue Guava Gelato (INDICA) | Backpack boyz Weed | 3.5G Cannabis


Strain Type   INDICA
THC   47%
Quantity    3.5G



Blue Guava Gelato Backpackboyz Weed 3.5G Cannabis

Blue Guava Gelato Backpackboyz The buds of this strain are small and sticky, while the trim and manicure are rather weak. Fortunately, the cure of this strain is excellent, receiving a C+ rating.

With an alluring blend of citrus and lavender aromas, Blood Orange Tangy is gaining in popularity across the state. This award-winning strain is a cross between Cali Orange and Appalachia and showcases some of the most eye-catching buds around.

Offering an energetic and euphoric high, this Sativa-dominant is a great wake-and-bake strain that keeps users lifted yet still able to concentrate. Boasting THC levels ranging from 20-25%, Blood Orange Tangy is best enjoyed by experienced smokers who are aware of their personal tolerance.

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Sherbinski’s Guava Gelato is a Gelato phenotype with its own distinct terpene profile and bright, creamy, and tropical piña colada and hops aromas. The buds are densely structured like its parents, but with an entirely different smell.

Its indica-heavy effects relax the body while at the same time elevating the mind, making it an ideal strain for alleviating stress, discomfort, and nausea., Blue Fruit Stripez (Hybrid) | Backpack boyz Weed | 3.5G Cannabis

Strain Effects

This strain is comprised of Grungy Nuts, a light Parmesan edge, a subtle astringent Mint, a sizzling White Onion, and a Savory Black Pepper core. On inhalation, this strain brings forward Spearmint Musk, Black Licorice, and Sweet Earth. As it is combusted, the Grungy Hazelnut, Funky Earth, and Envelope Sealer finish become prominent. Finally, the vapor features Walnut Gas, Pine, and a lingering Green Vicks VapoRub.


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