Blue Slush (Indica) | Seven Leaves Weed : 3.5G Pack


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   41%
Quantity    3.5G

Buy Blue Slush Seven Leaves Weed Strain- 3.5G Cannabis

Blue Slush Seven Leaves Strain, The sativa dominant hybrid known as Blue Slush is a unique cross between Blue Sherbert and another strain, which results in a smooth and uplifting smoking experience. Describing its appearance can be a challenge, but its buds showcase a mix of light and dark green hues, with occasional hints of purple and resinous trichome crystals, along with orange hairs.

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As for its taste, Blue Slush reportedly boasts notes of blue raspberry, along with earthy undertones. Whether you choose to grind it, roll it, vape it, or smoke it in a bowl, it’s important to consume responsibly.

Seven Leaves Slush Strain effects review

The Blue Slush from Seven Leaves is truly exceptional and noteworthy. Interestingly, Seven Leaves is owned by the renowned NBA champion, Matt Barnes, and his team masterfully crafted this cross. Combining Blue Sherbert, Blue Cookies, and Sunset Sherbert resulted in a terpene-rich blend that exceeded expectations not only in flavor but also in overall performance. It comes as no surprise that this strain has become one of our favorites and is among the best offerings from SL.
From its captivating packaging to its mind-blowing high, The Blue Slush is a home run in every aspect. It has piqued our interest in Seven Leaves, and we now make it our mission to procure it whenever we’re in Cali. For the discerning cannabis connoisseur, this strain is a must-try. We’re confident that you will love it as much as we do. You are welcome to browse the list of Seven leaves cannabis strains.
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