Blueberry (Indica) | Pacific Gold Disposable Pen 500mg


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   91%
Quantity    500mg

Pacific Gold Disposable Blueberry Strain Flavor Review

Blueberry Pacific Gold Disposable is an Indica-dominant hybrid created by renowned breeder DJ Short. DJ Short achieved this strain by crossing a male Afghani landrace with two Thai females – Highland Thai (also known as Juicy Fruit) and Purple Thai. The results were impressive, as both offspring produced almost identical qualities.

The Blueberry strain is reported to have a flowering period of 49-56 days and a medium-to-tall growth. The THC levels range from 16% to 24%, making it an ideal strain for indoor cultivation, especially using the Sea of Green method. The buds of this strain are dense, sticky, and have a beautiful purple hue, producing above-average yields. The cured buds are said to have a sweet aroma and flavor, similar to that of fresh blueberries.
Indulge in the convenience of a disposable THC vape pen, weighing in at a comfortable 1/2 gram, that tantalizes your taste buds with a complex, earthy flavor profile reminiscent of fresh blueberries and a smooth, refreshing juice aftertaste. The product boasts of its use of all-natural terpenes and lab-tested cannabis oil, without any added additives to ensure maximum purity.

Blueberry Pacific Gold Disposable Weed Extracts Vape Bars Effects

Blueberry strain has had immense success, with not only DJ Short as the initial breeder but also other seed banks experimenting with it. In fact, Noon’s Blueberry strain won the Best Indica and the Best Overall Strain at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup, while Dutch Passion Seed Co.’s Blueberry strain came in third place in the Indica Cup at the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup. Also, Super Lemon OG Pacific Gold Disposable and Cherry Kush Rove Cartridge.

Upon inhaling a few puffs, the effects are quickly felt with a sudden and vigorous intensity. The invigorating cerebral stimulation swiftly erases any traces of tension or anxiety. Simultaneously, the rush of energy instills users with a renewed vigor and stamina, allowing them to tackle tasks with increased fervor. In the words of one user, the sensation compels them to take action, urging them to be proactive and productive.

With a 10 rating for energetic effects and 6 ratings for both uplifted and creative, this strain offers a stimulating experience. Additionally, a 5 rating for arousal and happiness adds to the enjoyment. On the other hand, it is important to note that dry mouth is a potential negative side effect with a 10 rating. In terms of scent, it offers a pleasant mix of sweet, earthy, woody, and citrus notes, including hints of pineapple. The flavor profile is also quite tropical, featuring sweet and fruity tastes, along with notes of citrus, orange, and pineapple.


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