Boss OG (hybrid) : West Coast Cure Weed | 3.5G Pack


Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   57.83%
Quantity    3.5 Grams


Boss OG West Coast Cure Cannabis 3.5G

Boss OG West Coast Cure, is a sweet and gassy, Indica-leaning phenotype of the OG Kush strain. Purple, potent, and pungent, the flowers are cloaked by frosty purple hues, express a sweet cookie nose, and have tested in the low 30-percentile for THC. A happy and relaxing strain, it’s effects provide the high-tolerance consumer with a blissful and subdued psyche. Regardless of when you hit this Boss OG strain, it will help you become the real boss of your own world.

A pleasant and enjoyable strain. The only similarity it shares with its namesake is the thick smoke that surrounds the bud when it is burned. The Boss Og is known for its ability to alleviate headaches and fatigue caused by stress, making it a soothing option for those seeking relief.

Boss OG Buds Flavor, Aroma

Note, Boss OG is a rare hybrid strain, evenly balanced between indica and sativa, that originated from the OG Kush phenotype. This strain offers a potent high with an average THC level of 26-27%. It combines the classic effects of OG Kush, providing a balanced experience that affects both the mind and body.

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Boss OG strain Effects

Boss Strain stands out from others as it provides a cerebral high rather than a heavy body-focused psychedelic experience. It is also known for its stimulating physical effects, making it a popular choice for users seeking a relaxing yet motivating influence. Within minutes of consuming Boss Og WCC, users can expect a rush of euphoria to the head.

Its initial effects target the brain, inducing a strong sense of euphoria and relieving any worries or daily tasks. The strain also stimulates tingling sensations throughout the body and enhances creativity. It is particularly useful for increasing productivity and excelling at tasks. However, it is important to note that Boss OG also provides a deep relaxation that brings about a blissful state.


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