Budder Cake West Coast Cure 1/8th Canned Flower (3.5g)


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Budder Cake West Coast Cure

Budder Cake is an Indica-dominant hybrid that’s a select phenotype of Wedding Cake. Chosen for its smooth, buttery, and sweet vanilla flavor by WCC’s procurement team, consumers will appreciate its strong, cookie dough aroma. Not to be outdone by the strain’s tasty flavor and relaxing smell, Budder Cake’s effects offer an influential treat for the mind, body, and soul. Consumers be forewarned: while this potent strain provides a relaxing smoke, it can also stimulate the repressed appetite. Once relaxed, high, and hungry, there is a high likelihood you’ll end up scouring the pantry for some sweets to go with your batch Budder Cake flower!


Budder Cake West Coast Cure

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