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Buy Backpack Boyz weed catalog of strains is unique in that it features unusual combinations of flavors, aromas, and effects.

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Buy Backpack Boyz Weed Online | All Backpack boyz Marijuana strains Available

Buy Backpack Boyz weed at Potsnbuds,  is an L.A-based cannabis brand whose products bring the same energy to customers as brands like Supreme and Rolls Royce. Backpack Boyz boast an image of a lifestyle filled with cars, clothes, and bankrolls that you can see reflected across their social media and through their California-grown cannabis strains. The team’s passion for this fast-lane lifestyle also shines through in its line of branded apparel. Both the brand’s clothing and high-quality cannabis can be found at their store: 5 Points Los Angeles.

Buy Backpack boyz weed

Backpack Boyz Kush for sale Online near me

 Get 5 Points LA via The Cannon Co on 2/11/2020. No Testing info present on the bag. It gift to me but I have seen it go for about 40-45$ an 8th in the traditional market. Last but not least in the awesome hat trick of strains found in my sample pack from The Cannon Co is Blu Gotti. Backpack Boyz these big boulderesque buds are a hodgepodge of lime, olive, and forest greens that occasionally dip into midnight blue, with tightly wound burn auburn pistils, and a frosty layer of tiny yellowing triches. BackpackBoyz Cannabis for sale.

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The nose out of the bag is a sugar sweet cream with a subtle mint and just a touch of fruit. Busting open the bud the minty amps up slightly to match with the sweet cream and reveals a mustiness in the background. Breaking it down by hand the scent of mint becomes overwhelming while that sugar sweet cream fights to be noticed in the background but the mint absolutely dominates the arena. When dry pulling the J there’s a delicious sweet mint that lingers on the lips with a floral quality that fills out the background with a wisp of fruit. The inhale is smooth and on the joint I picked up on a minty hash quality, while the bong offered more of an earthy floral taste, with a hint of mint in the background. Elevate your expectations with Buy Zparkiez BackpackBoyz Online and apple jack big chief.

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The Backpack Boyz catalog of strains is unique in that it features unusual combinations of flavors, aromas, and effects. This means memorable experiences for customers through every strain. The packaging on each strain is another way that the brand continues to build up its flashy, premium image. Black Cherry Gelato from The Backpack Boyz and 5points LA via The Cannon Co on 2/11/2020. No Testing info presented on the bag. This was gifted to me but I have seen it on a few menus for $40-50 out the door.

Available Backpack Boyz Weed Strains Flavors

Blue Gotti 3.5g|
Peanut Butter Gelato 3.5g|
Turron de California 3.5g|
Scottie Pippen 3.5g|
Lucky 3.5g|
Bubblegum Gelato 3.5g|
Tiramisu 3.5g|
Lemon Cherry Gelato 3.5g|
White Cherry Gelato 3.5g|
Black Cherry Gelato 3.5g|
Apple Gelato 3.5g|

Horchata – Firstly, Horchatta is one of the most popular Backpack Boyz strains. An evenly balanced hybrid, the brand crossed Mochi Gelato with Jet Fuel Gelato to produce a potent strain with a fruity flavor palette. Horchata contains about 24% THC and has an aroma of sharp berry with creamy overtones. The strain has a flavor to match the smell, with the addition of spicy, peppery notes. Horchata may have the potential to induce heavy cerebral effects as well as a deeply relaxing body high. Users may also find relief from pain or stress.

Backpackboyz Horchata Strain

Clifford Big Dawg Smoke – A cross between Guava Chem X Tangie, the Sativa-dominant hybrid has a citrus-like flavor. Users will be able to detect a candied lemon-lime flavor on the inhale with notes of sweet earth on the exhale. The effects of the Backpack Boyz strain may be energizing and uplifting, making it the ideal daytime strain.

BackpackBoyz clifford big dawg smoke


Gotti – While the genetics of Gotti remain ambiguous, the effects and flavors of the strain are well known for being, for lack of a better term, premium. Gotti has a sweet tropical berry flavor with a peppery aftertaste. The strain exhibits classically Indica effects – heavy, couch-locked relaxation. Users may notice some sedative qualities in the Backpack Boyz strain towards the come down as well. This strain may be helpful in treating conditions such as insomnia, stress, pain, or PTSD.

Backpack Boyz Gotti

Blue Gotti 3.5g, Peanut Butter Gelato 3.5g, Turron de California 3.5g, Scottie Pippen 3.5g, Lucky 3.5g, Bubblegum Gelato 3.5g, Tiramisu 3.5g, Lemon Cherry Gelato 3.5g, White Cherry Gelato 3.5g, Black Cherry Gelato 3.5g, Apple Gelato 3.5g


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