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What do you think, this flower is a Sativa, Indica OR Hybrid strain 🙂 ? 


Banana Runtz Weed | 3.5 Grams

Banana Runtz weed is far from your average marijuana strain, despite its name. Its remarkable therapeutic properties, enjoyable effects, and delightful flavors make it a highly sought-after option. The strain takes its name from its lineage, which includes Banana OG and Runtz, and has inherited some of their finest traits. With a THC content ranging from mid to high levels, Banana Runtz offers a satisfying high that appeals to both seasoned users and novices. Overall, this cannabis strain is one that consistently garners glowing reviews.
The Banana Runtz marijuana strain is a hybrid produced by Solfire Gardens, a craft seed company located in the Pacific Northwest and established in 2015. Is Banana Runtz predominantly sativa or indica? Although it maintains an even 50/50 split, its effects are primarily sativa-oriented. As a result, this subject remains debatable. Also, Buy Zourz Runtz Weed Indica 3.5G and BB Backpack boyz .


Runtz Weed Banana strain Genetics

Solfire Gardens created the Banana Runtz strain by combining two noteworthy strains that are equally revered for their outstanding flavors and pleasant effects. These strains were Banana OG, an indica-dominant hybrid with an average THC content of 25%, and Runtz, a potent 50/50 hybrid with a sweet candy taste. Finally, Don’t hesitate to browse through other Runtz Synergy Strains.

With a repertoire of legendary strains within its lineage, Banana Runtz has a flavor that lives up to its heritage. It brings forth flavors of tropical fruit candy, delicate herbs, and subtle hints of tobacco. The fragrance is a testament to this, with pungent fruit, pine, and spices that entice any smoker. The terpenes caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool give Banana Runtz its tasty (and therapeutic) properties.


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