• An enormous array of products.
  • Its disposable joints and sticks are potent.
  • If you live near a retailer and are legally allowed to buy weed, it is easy to get your hands on Flav products.


Flav Live Resin Disposables

Flav Live Resin Disposables, The Flav brand, formerly known as FlavRX, is seen everywhere. Magazines, billboards, even taxi cabs in some states. Flav sells a variety of THC oils. A fine purveyor of oils, pods, sweets, and even concentrates, Flav (formerly known as FlavRX) is the one-stop shop for all your CBD needs. They offer exciting and fun flavors like root beer, watermelon, bubblegum, and mango! In total, they have over 1,600 products – so they’ve got you covered from head to toe. Quite literally.

We decided to try its Black Label oil which the brand claims has up to 90% THC depending on the option you choose. We opted for the cartridge and battery combination which has undergone an upgrade. It is a brand-new design with a gorgeous metal finish. The round mouthpiece is the ideal design, and there is also an adjustable airflow valve which enables you to customize your clouds. When it was heating up too quickly, we allowed more air to flow through and were rewarded with a much smoother experience. If you want even more vapor, close up the valve and allow your clouds to build up. There is 500mg of THC, but if that isn’t enough, you can always try Double Black Label which contains 1,000 mg of THC.

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Firstly, A few tweaks and Flav could be on to delivering something high end. For now it would not be a top choice for someone seeking strong effects and the best vape hardware. The cartridge reviewed was the Strawberry Cough strain that is part of the Flav Black Label series. Secondly, It was a half gram cartridge. It should also be noted that a FlavRX cartridge was tested in California for pesticides.
Flav even went to the trouble of creating a custom-made battery designed to heat its oils optimally. Choose between three temperature settings. Incidentally, the heating element is ceramic. If you have Double Black Label and want a clandestine smoke, consider purchasing the Flip Key Battery which has three settings: 2.7V, 3.1V and 3.6V. Lastly, Flav cartridges are highly demanded with a dropdown list of flavours or strains with affordable prices for all states. Flavrx brand packs are authentic with flavory weed products containing highlighted THC percentages on the Pack, Flav bars wax oil.

Flavrx Vape Disposables Half Gram and Full Gram

You can purchase a Black Label 500mg cartridge for $60 online. However, don’t assume the Double Black Label cartridge will get you more stoned than the other version. The Black Label cartridge we purchased had 71% THC, while there was a Double Black Label cartridge available from the same site for $50, but it contained 44% THC. Flav also sells premium oils that are infused with terpenes. If you hate rolling joints, or else you suck at doing it, try Flav’s range of sticks and joints. These are extremely convenient options with an all-in-one design.

They are pre-charged and filled with premium grade THC oil. Simply buy one and start vaping today. You can get joints with 300mg of THC and sticks with 500mg of THC. The design of this cartridge seems similar to Rove and Cannabiotix. Flav says it is a ceramic core cartridge, so it may have different internals. But either way, this is not my preferred cartridge type. I would instead prefer a TH2 cart like that used on Roots, a nice pod system like the ALD vFire that powers the Plug Play, or the CCELL Uno vape pod setup. Any of those systems would make the Flav Black Label cartridge better. Flav’s hardware still had good airflow though.

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For this review I received 5 of these flavors to test out. I’ll describe how each one tastes to the best of my ability and give my thoughts on if they’re good or not. However, keep in mind that these are only my thoughts. I might like a flavor that you’ll dislike and vice-versa; taste is subjective. Flav sells concentrates in the form of budder, premium dab distillate oil, and THC a Diamond Sauce.
These concentrates are free from solvents, and some strains have up to 95% THC, so use carefully! The brand also takes the edibles market seriously. Its range of gummies comes in 13 flavors while its THC chocolate is a delicious way to get high. Flav also sells Sweet Creations, Snack Pouches, and powdered drinks packets. Shop Flavrx Vape Rechargeable Pen also called the Charging pen, Flavr Disposable Pod, Bar, you can also view the reviews on these products on here and on reddit platform.

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Flav Live Resin Flavors Strains Disposables

Papaya ,
Biscotti ,
Tropical Trainwreck ,
Wedding Cake ,
Papaya ,
Super Lemon Haze ,
Strawberry Mimosa ,
Kush Mintz ,
Purple Punch Bomb ,
Do Si Berry ,
Fruit Bomb ,
Wedding Cake ,
Strawberry Daiquiri ,
Forbidden Fruit ,
Sour Berry ,
Sour Diesel ,
Do Si Dos ,
Gelato ,
Blackberry Kush ,
Blue Dream ,
Skywalker OG ,

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Live Resin Papaya Disposable – 0.5g, Biscotti Disposable – 1g, Tropical Trainwreck Disposable – 1g, Live Resin Wedding Cake Disposable – 1g, Live Resin Papaya Disposable – 1g, Live Resin Super Lemon Haze Disposable – 1g, Live Resin Super Lemon Haze Disposable – 0.5g, Live Resin Strawberry Mimosa Disposable – 1g, Live Resin Strawberry Mimosa Disposable – 0.5g, Live Resin Kush Mintz Disposable – 1g, Live Resin Kush Mintz Disposable – 0.5g, Live Resin Purple Punch Bomb Disposable – 0.5g, Live Resin Do Si Berry Disposable – 0.5g, Live Resin Fruit Bomb Disposable – 0.5g, Live Resin Wedding Cake Disposable – 0.5g, Live Resin Strawberry Daiquiri Disposable – 0.5g, Forbidden Fruit Disposable – 1g, Live Resin Sour Berry Disposable – 0.5g, Live Resin Do Si Dos Disposable – 0.5g, Sour Diesel Disposable – 1g, Do Si Dos Disposable – 1g, Gelato Disposable – 1g, Blackberry Kush Disposable – 1g, Blue Dream Disposable – 1g, Skywalker OG Disposable – 1g


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