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What do you think, this flower is a Sativa, Indica OR Hybrid strain 🙂 ? 


Hawaiian Runtz Weed | 3.5 Grams

Hawaiian Runtz weed draws a comparison to Hawaii, inspired by its name and predominantly Sativa composition. True to its name, this strain is known to induce a fun-filled high. Being a popular Sativa-dominant hybrid, users can expect cerebral highs commonly associated with this category. The potency and effects of the high remain the only unanswered questions.

The Hawaiian Sativa’s origins are unclear, but it is assumed to have originated from Hawaii, hence its name. Its genetic lineage remains a mystery. Interestingly, the real Hawaii’s origins date back to the Big Bang. Appropriately named, Hawaiian Runtz weed delivers an amazing experience, making users bid Aloha to their worries and embrace the enjoyable high it offers. Also, Whole Lotta Runtz Weed Indica and Bubblegum Gelato Backpack boyz


Runtz Weed Hawaiian strain Effects

Picture yourself on the shores of Hawaii, a first-time visitor to the island. You’ve traveled far to get here, and now you stand at the edge of the beach, poised to dive in. In many ways, this same sense of anticipation precedes a cannabis connoisseur’s consumption of Hawaiian weed, intensifying the thrill of what’s yet to come.

As anticipated, Hawaiian has the power to elevate one’s spirits and provoke feelings of elation. Consequently, individuals who consume this strain tend to become more outgoing and conversational. However, that’s not the only benefit that Hawaiian has to offer. In addition, it provides smokers with a burst of energy. Finally, Don’t hesitate to browse through other Runtz Synergy Strains.

The most intriguing aspect of using Hawaiian is its ability to induce a cerebral high without causing confusion or psychedelic effects. Instead, users feel alert and focused, making challenging tasks seem more achievable. When combined with the energy boost, this results in a greater ability to complete tasks in a more efficient manner.

4 reviews for Buy Hawaiian Weed (SATIVA) | Runtz Weed – Premium Cannabis | 3.5 Grams

  1. Doeey

    One of my top three and a childhood favorite. Nice fruity smell and ironically smells like Hawaii. Very good strain and is a must have. You have to try this strain sometime throughout your life.

  2. Gimms Parrt

    Hawaiian sativa is an interesting strain for me. Potent with a high THC concentration, smoking this flower out of a basic glass pipe, there were two sides. On one hand, I packed a fairly large bowl, smoke daily, and this bud got me straight up blazed.

  3. George62682

    the taste, it´s a little bit sweet and it has a dry-smoeky texture that lasts in the mouth for a while, the buds smelled like shit though. The hit was almost instantaneusly. It was very fun actually, with mates a lot of jokes and laughing about deep dishs.

  4. Dona RE

    This weed is extremely fluffy and light making just a couple grams look like a normal eighth. With it’s greenish blue color and light orange hairs, it brings a delicious tropical flavor that is very enjoyable. I just wish it were a little more potent, 3.5/5

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