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What do you think, this flower is a Sativa, Indica OR Hybrid strain 🙂 ? 

Weight : 3.5 Grams 


Peach Cobbler Runtz Weed | 3.5 Grams

Peach Cobbler Runtz Weed is an exquisite strain, crafted through the ingenious fusion of Peach Kush, Sour Diesel, Romulan, and Monster Sauce. A perfectly balanced hybrid, this strain comprises of 50% indica and 50% sativa. The flavor profile of Peach Cobbler Runtz Weed is what makes it truly special – a delectable combination of fruity, citrusy notes, laced with the essence of succulent peaches and refreshing herbs, leaving an irresistible aftertaste on your palate.

The fragrance retains its consistency and is subtly accompanied by a nutty hint. The Peach Cobbler high is equally delectable as its flavor, and it brings about prolonged effects that elevate your mood for hours on end. Also, Buy White Runtz Weed and Biscotti Backpack boyz .


       Runtz Weed Peach Cobbler strain Effects

The high starts with a tingling sensation in the back of the mind and neck, lifting your spirits and leaving you feeling blissful and slightly relaxed. This tingling sensation will soon spread throughout the rest of your body, putting you in a state of physical tranquility that makes you unwind and feel completely at ease without impacting your energy level at all.

With its average THC level of 15-23%, Peach Cobbler is known to be ideal for treating conditions such as loss of appetite or nausea, chronic pain, depression, and chronic fatigue. Peach Cobbler buds are large elongated bright neon green nuggets with fiery orange hairs, chunky golden amber crystal trichomes, and a sticky sweet resin coating.


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