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Weight : 3.5 Grams 


Sharklato Runtz Weed | 3.5 Grams

Sharklato Runtz weed is a powerful indica dominant blend with a 70% indica to 30% sativa ratio, boasts a delightful flavor, a euphoric high that induces laughter, and an array of therapeutic benefits. This strain has earned its fame and recognition for a multitude of reasons, which we will delve into in our comprehensive review of the Sharklato strain.

With a THC level averaging at 18-20%, the Sharklato strain of weed is perfect for experienced users seeking a flavorful high, as well as beginners who want to enhance their smoking experience. Despite its strong THC potency, Sharklato also contains a moderate CBD content of over 1%, which is largely responsible for its therapeutic effects. Also, White Runtz Berner Cookies and Blue Gushers Backpack boyz


         Runtz Weed Sharklato strain Fragrance 

The Sharklato weed strain packs a lingering scent of earthy, woody tones along with a combination of sweet berries and fresh fruit. Once you begin crushing the nugs, its true fragrance resonates, releasing a pleasant blend of citrus, diesel, and light pine. Its delectable flavor is one of the most frequently mentioned highlights in reviews of the Sharklato weed strain.

Experience the enduring impact of the Sharklato weed strain as it eases away your worries and tensions, guiding you through a smooth path of calming sensations and subtle bodily ripples. Your mind becomes immersed in an elevated state of contentment and euphoria. As time goes by, your body embraces a growing sense of tranquility, ensuring you are not simply stoned but completely at ease and fully engaged in the present.


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