Cactus Cooler (SATIVA) | Kurvana Disposable Vape


 Strain Type SATIVA
  Quantity   500mg


Kurvana Cactus Cooler Disposable Bar

Cactus Cooler Kurvana Disposable vape is now available in a convenient All-In-One vape, offering a fruit-forward flavor profile brimming with sweet orange and earth. The balanced, uplifting experience is created by crossing two exciting strains, Blue Dream and OG Kush. With an impressive 93.49% cannabinoid content, the full-spectrum cannabis oil captures the essence of the original flower, complete with a kush aftertaste. Highly aromatic and flavorful, Cactus Cooler All-In-One is a sleek and discreet sativa pen, perfect for on-the-go use. Its aroma is reminiscent of Southern California orange blossoms, making it an invigorating desert fruit experience.

Cactus Cooler Kurvana Disposable Effects

A harmonious balance of mellow euphoria and just the right amount of energy with Kurvana’s Cactus Cooler strain. Perfect for daytime use, it lacks powerful sedative effects while also offering the ability to shut out the worries of the day. Those seeking relief from stress, pain, and headaches will appreciate the benefits reported by medical users of this strain.

Say goodbye to the grinding and mess of flower vaping and hello to a convenient and satisfying experience with Kurvana’s full-spectrum cannabis oil, containing a unique blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. With a THC concentration of 90.19% and less than 0.20% CBD, this strain is potent and effective. Also, Cosmic Glue Kurvana Disposable Bar & Silky Smooth OG Rove Cart


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