3 Grams Cake Disposable Vape Pen


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Cake 3G Disposable Vape | Liquid Diamonds + Cyro Live Resin Review

The Cake 3g disposable vape distinguishes itself from other disposables within its brand through its distinctive characteristics. Its infusion of live resin, for one, gives it an unparalleled flavor profile and a vast selection of tropical fruity blends. The preference for live resin stems from its capacity to offer a complex flavor profile and its superior freshness.
Creating live resin involves flash-freezing the entire plant at the time of harvest, resulting in the retention of its freshness and providing users with a complete spectrum cannabinoid experience.
The device is designed for easy use, as it comes pre-assembled without any concerns about complicated assembly. When you receive your device, remove the packaging and remove the vape pen. To activate it, place the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale.

How to Use Cake 3 grams Disposable Bar ?

Using a sativa cake disposable is incredibly easy. Here’s how:

  1. Charge the battery: Before using the cartridge, make sure the battery is fully charged.
  2. Attach the cartridge: Simply screw the cartridge onto the battery.
  3. Inhale: Press the button on the battery and inhale through the mouthpiece.

3gram Cake Disposable Carts Flavors Review

With an extensive variety of flavors, this vaping product caters to diverse preferences, enabling users to either stick to their favorite flavor or explore new tastes.
Moreover, it ensures a subtle vaping encounter with negligible scent, making it a fitting option for public use, without the need to worry about attracting unwanted attention. Looking for something new? Try these options Lucid Supply Co DMT Vaporizer and Turnpen disposable carts.

Galaxy Glitch Cake Disposable

Galaxy Glitch is a hybrid of Northern Light and Afghani. It is an indica dominant strain and is extremely productive with dense buds comprised of resins. Primarily, the buds are large and full of crystals. Galaxy Glitch 3 gram cake bar carries a sweet but strong original taste with hints of pine.
This variety of marijuana strain has an odor of forest and pine with strong characteristics of skunk. It boasts a THC content of 17-22 percent and a CBD level of 2.8 percent. Cake bar Galaxy Glitch delivers a very strong and lasting effect. From a medicinal perspective, Galaxy Glitch is employed to treat insomnia, provide pain relief, address anorexia, alleviate chemotherapy-related symptoms, and manage anxiety. Galaxy is increasingly used for patients dealing with anxiety due to its immediate and intense effects.

Galaxy Glitch cake disposable
Galaxy Glitch cake disposable

Blueberry Blastoff Cake bar 3g

Blueberry Blastoff is a rare and distinct hybrid strain with a sativa to indica ratio of 70:30. Created by blending Blue Dream and Johnny Blaze, this potent strain delivers an intense cerebral high that takes you on a trippy and exhilarating journey while keeping your body grounded. The sociable and energizing effects of this strain make it ideal for engaging in stimulating conversations, though you may feel somewhat disconnected from your surroundings.
With moderate THC levels, Blueberry Blastoff is an effective remedy for migraines, chronic pain, fatigue, and nausea. The strain also boasts an alluring flavor profile, featuring freshly picked blueberries with a hint of sweet candy, accompanied by an earthy and woody aroma.
Its buds have a unique grape shape, with blue undertones and a thick layer of frosty, white trichomes that add to its visual appeal. 

blueberry blastoff Mirage cake disposable
blueberry blastoff Mirage cake disposable

Emerald Eclipse Cake 3g Disposable

Emerald Eclipse, a potent hybrid strain, has a sativa-dominant genetic composition of 60% sativa and 40% indica. Its parentage stems from the popular strains Bubble Gum 95 and Hindu Kush #12. With a THC content of 18-20%, it provides a well-rounded and full-bodied high for cannabis enthusiasts seeking balanced effects.
Upon consumption, it initiates a clear-headed and uplifting sensation, producing feelings of elation and relaxation while promoting deep concentration.
This strain’s harmoniously balanced effects make it an excellent choice for a relaxing day at home or light social activities, providing pain relief without compromising functionality. Its small to medium-sized buds have a fruity haze aroma and a sweet vanilla taste with a smooth haze exhale.
These buds boast forest green pebble shapes with hairy exteriors of dark olive green leaves and fiery orange furry hairs. A fine layer of almost translucent trichomes covers each nug with a thick layer of sweet, sticky resin.
Emerald Eclipse cake disposable
Emerald Eclipse cake disposable

Guava Glaze Cake vape 3g

With a flavor as delightful as its name, Guava Glaze is an 80% sativa/20% indica hybrid strain born from a Gelato phenotype. Offering a burst of energy and motivation, it is a perfect choice for any sativa aficionado. Its effects start with a gradual increase, luring your mood towards new levels of happiness. The giddy euphoria that ensues brings along laser-sharp focus and sociability, perfect for any conversation.
Guava Glaze boasts an average THC level of 22%+. It can help treat conditions like chronic stress, anxiety, nausea, chronic fatigue, ADD, ADHD, migraines, and headaches. Experience its sweet, creamy, fruity berry flavor with hints of sour tropical citrus and delicious guava. The aroma features sweet and sour undertones with spicy diesel and gassiness when the nugs burn. Guava Glaze’s heart-shaped olive green nugs with thick bright orange hairs and a coating of tiny frosty white crystal trichomes are a sight to behold.

Guava Glaze cake disposable
Guava Glaze cake disposable

Mango Mist Cake Disposable cartridge 3g

Mango Mist is a well-balanced hybrid strain consisting of 50% sativa and 50% indica. It was created by crossing the Northern Lights #5, Skunk, and Haze strains. This strain has a delightful taste and aroma, with a THC content of up to 23%. Its uplifting and energetic high is perfect for any indoor or outdoor activity.
The head high produced by Mango Mist is intense and quickly eliminates negative thoughts or feelings, replacing them with creative energy and motivation. This effect is followed by a gradual relaxing body high, which does not induce sedation or sleepiness.
As a result, Mango Mist is ideal for daytime use, providing an energy boost while also relieving pain. It is effective in treating various ailments such as fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression, migraines, and headaches.

Mango Mist cake disposable
Mango Mist cake disposable

Mystic Mirage Cake vape pod 3g

Mystic Mirage is an 80% indica and 20% sativa strain believed to descend from OG Kush. This hybrid is perfect for fans of potent indicas due to its ability to induce intense relaxation and sleepiness. The high initiates a gentle mood boost, clearing away negativity and racing thoughts. A relaxing body high takes over and grows in strength until the user becomes completely sedated. The strain is especially effective in treating conditions like chronic pain, depression, stress, insomnia, and nightmares, with a THC content exceeding 20%. Mystic Mirage’s calming effects can cause users to doze off before they even realize it.

Mystic Mirage cake disposable
Mystic Mirage cake disposable

Neon Nirvana Cake Disposable

Neon Nirvana, an unusual sativa dominant hybrid strain (75% sativa/25% indica). Its a result of crossing the notorious Jock Horror and Oaxacan Sativa strains.
This peaceful and rare bud won the prestigious gold medal at the 2008 HighLife Cup held in Amsterdam, clinching 1st Place for Best Bio overall. Neon Nirvana delivers a powerful and creative high, with an average THC level of over 20%, making it a popular choice among weed enthusiasts. You’ll feel the effects of Neon Nirvana immediately, with an energetic rush that uplifts your mood and provides motivation to stay active. The strain enhances creativity and mental focus, making it ideal for tasks that require a sharp mind or for outdoor activities.
The high THC level also makes Neon Nirvana a recommended treatment for conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, stress, insomnia, and loss of appetite.

Neon Nirvana cake disposable
Neon Nirvana cake disposable

Raspberry Rush Cake 3g bar

Named after its delightful berry aroma and flavor, Raspberry Rush is a popular Indica-dominant hybrid that originates from Hindu Kush, as indicated by the Kush suffix in its name.
The strain exudes a skunky scent with hints of eastern spices and summer fruits. Offering a pleasant body melt and a potent high that immediately boosts energy levels.
The effects start in the head and gradually spread throughout the body, providing an energizing boost that can be enjoyed during chill evenings, parties, and weekend hangouts.
Heavy smokers have reported experiencing relaxed sleep after smoking Raspberry Rush. A strain also known for its medical benefits in alleviating ailments caused by fatigue.
With a THC level of 16-23%, Raspberry Rush delivers long-lasting effects on the mind and body, making it a great choice for those who enjoy subtle fruit flavors.

Raspberry Rush cake disposable
Raspberry Rush cake disposable

Velvet Vortex  Cake Disposable

Velvet Vortex, a sativa-dominant medical marijuana strain, originated by crossing ‘Apollo 13 Strain’ with ‘Space Queen Strain,’ earned accolades in 2010 and has gained recognition for its neon-green buds, as well as its fruity taste and aroma. It has a THC content of 18% and can provide relief from migraines.
The THC content of this strain is nearly 18% with the CBD count of 0.59% and a CBN count of 0.8%. This high THC content of the strain could produce a two-hour high. Velvet Vortex is a strain that proves to be effective in the afternoon, offering relief to patients suffering from migraines.

Velvet Vortex cake disposable
Velvet Vortex cake disposable

Watermelon Wave Cake Disposable

Breeders combined several unknown hybrid strains to create Watermelon Wave, an 80% indica and 20% sativa hybrid strain. This bud offers a delightful watermelon flavor with hints of fresh berries, earthy floral notes, and tangy lemon, enhancing its appeal.
Its fragrance is quite similar, with the addition of fresh blueberries and floral earthiness. The high that Watermelon Wave offers is just as delightful, inducing a cheerful and tranquil mood that makes you laugh at even the simplest things. This happy high is accompanied by a numbing sensation that relaxes your mind. Also, allowing you to effortlessly converse with those around you.
The strain also delivers a soothing body high, easing you into a peaceful slumber. With its impressive THC level of 20-29%, Watermelon Wave is ideal for treating arthritis, chronic pain, depression, mood swings, and chronic stress.

Watermelon Wave cake disposable
Watermelon Wave cake disposable

10 Bars (Mixed), 25 Bars (Mixed), 50 Bars (Mixed), Galaxy Glitch (Sativa), Blueberry Blastoff (Hybrid), Emerald Eclipse (Hybrid), Guava Glaze (Hybrid), Mango Mist (Indica), Mystic Mirage (Hybrid), Neon Nirvana (Sativa), Raspberry Rush (Sativa), Velvet Vortex (Indica), Watermelon Wave (Indica)


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