Cali Nights: Insane Weed | Exotic Cannabis 3.5G


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   48%
Quantity    3.5G

Cali Nights Insane Weed 3.5G

Cali Nights Insane Weed is a hybrid strain with a blend of Afghani indicas and Mexican sativa strains. This strain is ideal for a calming and herbal experience. Its indica roots promote relaxation, while the sativa genes bring on a euphoric and creative head high.Also, Rainbow Mintz: Insane Weed  and Uncle Snoop Backpack boyz

This unique combination produces a genuine feeling of well-being. It is best enjoyed in the evenings and has a calming effect that helps you sleep. Additionally, Cali Nights is known to relieve anxiety and stress while loosening tight muscles and calming the heart. It can be used therapeutically to promote relaxation and relieve stress.

Insane Cali Nights strain Effects

When Cali Nights is consumed, its indica heritage is prominently displayed. The high arrives almost instantly, leaving a lingering sensation of euphoria. This buzz is social in nature, causing users to become chattier and enjoy the humor of others. Creativity is enhanced, making it a favorite among artists and those who work on creative projects. However, Remember you check the list of Insane Cannabis Strains.

As the high progresses, the body experiences relaxation, starting with a tingle in the head and moving down to the limbs. Higher doses of Cali Nights lead to sedation, which can overpower creativity. Individuals who suffer from insomnia benefit from this strain as it promotes restful sleep. It should be noted that Cali Nights strain has a high THC content ranging from 17-24%, which provides a potent high that eventually leads to sleep.


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