Capone (INDICA) – Green Dragon Weed – 3.5g


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   52%
Quantity    3.5G

Buy Capone Green Dragon Weed Strain 3.5G

Capone Green Dragon Weed, a tart variation of OG Kush developed by Reserva Privada, a subdivision of Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics, has earned renown for its exceptional quality. We meticulously cultivate it indoors, committing deeply to every aspect of the growing process, yielding nugs of unparalleled excellence. At Green Dragon, we adhere to the belief that quality reigns supreme above all else.

One can simply observe the genetics of the Capone’s small strains to appreciate their quality. Gelatti, a well-balanced hybrid of Gelato and Biscotti, boasts a THC level of 19-23% and can occasionally produce sativa-leaning effects despite its even ratio. Meanwhile, Kush Mints 11 is another equally balanced hybrid that derives from the strains of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. This particular strain packs a powerful punch with its THC content of 22-24%, producing quick and potent effects. Also, High 90s : Double Cupcake Flower and Ginzu Teds Budz.

Capone Green Dragon Weed

Green Dragons Capone strain Effects

The high from Capone Small Nugs tends to induce strong feelings of hunger and can cause intense couch lock, so it’s advisable to think ahead and stock up on snacks and liquids. Some users have reported experiencing physical sensations like heavy eyes, tingling, or uncontrollable fits of laughter, which may be too much to handle for beginners.

Nevertheless, the strain provides a powerful and mentally stimulating high that boosts creativity and uplifts the mood while providing physical relief and relaxation. It’s a recommended choice for managing pain and insomnia.


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