Cheese (Hybrid) | Rythm Cannabis Premium Flower 1/8oz


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Cheese Rythm Cannabis Bud | Premium Hybrid Flower 1/8oz

The Cheese Rythm Cannabis Bud is a premium hybrid flower that has taken the world by storm. Originating in the United Kingdom, this famous strain is a rare female phenotype of Skunk #1, a cross between Afghani (indica), Acapulco Gold (sativa), and Columbian Gold (sativa). Its creation dates back to the late 1980s and early 1990s, when it quickly gained popularity and was cloned and passed on to breeders. As a female phenotype, the original strain is only available as a clone, but other breeders have successfully imitated it in seed form by crossing a female Cheese with other indica strains.
When it comes to appearance, aroma, and flavor, the Cheese strain is in a league of its own. The nugs are often bright green with thin wispy orange pistils, and the scent is strong, sharp, slightly sour, earthy, and super distinct. Reportedly tasting like strong cheddar, the Cheese strain is a delight to smoke.

Cheese Rythm Cannabis

Buy Rythm Cannabis Cheese Bud

Cheese is an excellent strain for beginner growers, as it produces high yields (14 ounces per plant) and increased trichome production with minimal effort. The strain can be grown outdoors, but it’s easier to maintain if kept inside. Count on your plants to flower within 9-10 weeks.
However, novice consumers should be cautious, as the Cheese strain can lead to paranoia if your tolerance is not built. But, if you’re looking for a strain that’ll increase your appetite, Cheese can definitely assist you there. Munchies come on quickly after a few rips. Overall, this indica-dominant, knockout strain will slip you into a relaxed state and make your worries drift away.

Cheese Weed Strain Appearance Effects

The effects of this strain are impressive. Despite being indica-dominant, the Cheese strain hits hard and fast. With users first experiencing increased happiness and waves of euphoria. Followed by a powerful body-numbing high that leads to increased appetite. Some users even report feeling more creative than lazy or tired. But the sedating indica effect is likely to be the most powerful, resulting in a couch-lock. Side effects include cottonmouth, giggles, and bloodshot eyes.
The Cheese strain boasts a THC content that ranges from 12% to a whopping 35%, with an average of 18%. The strain retains the mood-elevating qualities of a sativa and is often used by people dealing with stress and anxiety. The heavy body melt provides relief from chronic aches and pains, making it an ideal choice for medical users. The strain is also known to be effective in treating insomnia and is a popular choice among those who need to increase their appetite. Do also checkout African Transke Magic Mushrooms and Buddies All-In-One Disposable.

Cheese Rythm Cannabis


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