Cherry Cake (Hybrid) | Loudpack Premieum 3.5G Cannabis Flower


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   48%
Quantity    3.5G

Loudpack Premium Cherry Cake Nugs Marijuana Cannabis Flower 3.5g Effects

Cherry Cake Loudpack weed the ideal strain for energy and staying power. While I was hesitant at first, I ended up making the purchase because of my limited options and the waiting room full of people behind me. As I drove home, I was already filled with regret.

But as it turns out, the Chad was right. Cherry Cake is not like other commercial strains. Its genetic makeup is unique, with qualities that I was not expecting from a strain with “Cake” in its name. While it doesn’t belong to the Cookies family, there are a few rare versions with Wedding Cake or Cookies genetics. Its parents, Cherry Thunderfuck and NorCal Goo, contribute to Cherry Cake’s Afghani and Haze-like qualities. The smell was spicy and earthy with some sweet citrus notes, but there was nothing that resembled cherries. However, the taste was like a fruity Bubba Kush or Chocolope, and the high was exactly as the budtender had promised.
After smoking Cherry Cake, I was filled with a quick burst of euphoria, which made me feel curious and engaged with my surroundings. While it is not recommended to chase this feeling, as it can be short-lived and overwhelming, the effects of Cherry Cake lasted throughout the day, leaving me happy and content. This is the type of energy that one can rely on.

Cherry Cake Loudpack weed Cannabis Trichomes Premium Flavor Review

Have you ever found yourself buying something unnecessary just because the salesperson was pleasant or attractive? I am sure that I am not the only one who has bought a fragrance or sunglasses to avoid an awkward situation. At least 65% of me senses the blunder as soon as the receipt is printed. In the following days, I try to convince myself that the Dolce & Gabbana look suits me, but deep down, I know I have made a mistake.

Don’t limit yourself, try these as well Chem OG Loudpack Weed and Cake She Hits Different Gen 3. If you’re looking for Cherry Cake, you can find it in flower and concentrate form at many dispensaries in Colorado, including Callie’s Cannabis Shoppe, Canna City, the Center, Cherry Peak, the Farm, Golden Meds, Green Dragon, the Green Solution, Karmaceuticals, LaConte’s, Levels, Lightshade, LoDo Wellness Center, Lova, Magnolia Road, Mile High Green Cross, Nature’s Medicine, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Silver Stem, and Twin Peaks. Loyalty Farms and Natural Remedies are responsible for the majority of Cherry Cake around town, while Natty Rems offers extracted versions of the strain.

When it comes to its appearance, Cherry Cake’s buds are dense and gnarled, resembling small, closed fists. The olive color is consistent throughout, and it is complemented by bronze pistils and an above-average coating of trichomes. Its scent is unique, with earthy, dank aromas and hints of pine, peppercorn, and even occasional notes of oranges or chocolate. Meanwhile, take a look at all Loudpack Brand Cannabis available.



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