Cherry Punch (Hybrid) | HotBox Weed (3.5g | 1/8th) Indoor Flower


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   47.33%
Quantity    3.5G

Cherry Punch Hotbox Weed 3.5G

Cherry Punch Hotbox weed is a hybrid strain that tends towards Sativa but maintains a perfect equilibrium between both worlds in terms of its effects. The buds of the Cherry Punch plants are dense, mint-colored, and emanate a delightful aroma. Hints of purple and bright orange hairs can also be seen in its foliage, which makes it even more appealing.

This hybrid strain is a product of the genetic crossing between Purple Punch and Cherry AK-47 by the Symbiotic Genetics. Purple Punch, an Indica strain, has a blueberry muffin-like flavor and a grape-flavored candy smell that makes it a well-known strain. In contrast, Cherry AK-47, a well-balanced hybrid, boasts of a sweet fragrance and fruity flavor that’s just as enticing. Also, Savannah Sunrise HotBox and Cheetah Piss Backpack boyz.


Hotbox Flowers Cherry Punch strain Fragrance

The scent of this strain is just as enticing as its name suggests. The dense buds emit a powerful fruity aroma that captures your senses from the very first whiff. These sweet fragrances mingle with strong undertones, resulting in a delightful blend of cannabis excellence.
Typically, the Cherry Punch marijuana strain has a berry-like smell, although some individuals may detect hints of skunk when indulging in a couple of puffs.The intoxicating fusion of skunk and sweetness gives rise to an unparalleled pungent essence. Numerous cherry punch strain reviews mention scents reminiscent of earth, grape, and pine. Meanwhile, You should pick your fav from Hotbox Weed Strains.


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