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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   53%
Quantity    3.5G



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Clifford Backpack boyz weed is an energizing, sativa-dominant hybrid strain born of the marriage of Guava Chem X Tangie. It has an incredible flavor reminiscent of a citrus smoothie, with its blend of sour lime and sweet earthiness teasing your taste buds with every exhale.

Clifford is typically growing to either medium or tall heights. With an indoor flowering period of between 56 and 63 days, and outdoors, the end of September to early October, it produces high yields of resin-filled buds. While it flourishes in both indoor and outdoor settings, some cultivators may find odor control to be necessary.

The aroma is pungent and robust, encompassing zesty citrus and rich earth. The high is similarly stimulating and is ideal for starting off your day or giving yourself a mental boost. You’ll experience an initial head rush, leading to heightened mental awareness and a feeling of calm relaxation throughout your body.

Though its THC level is at a moderate 12%, the sensation can be overwhelming for some users with anxiety. Clifford can also help ease the effects of fatigue, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and chronic stress. This bud has cone-shaped, light green nugs, strewn with vivid orange hairs and sparkling golden trichomes.

Clifford Backpack Boyz

Clifford Backpack Boyz Bud Flower

Clifford is an enticing blend of tart lemon and lime, succulent herbs, and a delightful sour-fruit concoction. Those seeking relief from spasms, fatigue, pain, and stress can rely on Clifford for solace, creativity, and peace of mind. It produces unusual cone-shaped buds enveloped by vivid orange hair, which bear trichomes of a brilliant golden hue.

Composed of Guava Chem and Tangie, Clifford offers moderate THC potency, peaking at 12%. It is an ideal companion during moments of nervousness or restlessness. Get a taste of something extraordinary blueberry headband rove carts and Cherry Chuckz Backpack boyz Weed.

Clifford Cannabis strain Review

Beware, the enticing aroma of Clifford cannot be subdued. This strain from Crockett Family Farms is an excellent way to begin the day, providing an energizing, yet clear-headed sensation that transitions to a peaceful body high. Despite the pleasant effects, it is not suitable for those with anxiety.

This strain is ideal for those who enjoy a smooth draw with a fruity, earthy flavor. Not only can it help alleviate muscle spasms and stress, but its gentle body high is a great way to boost creative energy during the day. Chronic pain and depression don’t stand a chance against Clifford’s mental clarity, making it the perfect choice for sleepy mornings. With its intense flavor and potency, Clifford can easily be your go-to morning companion. Just make sure you don’t need to keep your smoking a secret.


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