Columbian Haze (sativa) | Seven Leaves Weed : 3.5G Pack


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Strain Type   SATIVA
THC   37%
Quantity    3.5G

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Columbian Haze Seven Leaves a hybrid strain consisting of an even blend of Colombian Gold and Thai Haze, has been tested to contain 23.17% THCa and 0.43% THC.
The primary terpenes of this strain include myrcene, ocimene, and linalool. With its energizing, uplifting, euphoric, and creative effects, Cumbian Haze is a perfect strain for daytime use. The flavor profile of this strain consists of a combination of pepper, pine, Haze, and floral notes.

7 leaves Columbian Haze’s flavor was a sour, citrusy lemon with a slightly spicy and woody pine aftertaste. However, Its scent was similar, with an earthy, herbal base complemented by woody pine and a tangy, lemony citrus kick.
Furthermore, The buds themselves were fat, grape-shaped nugs with minty undertones, thin orange hairs, and a dusting of small, white crystal trichomes.

Seven Leaves Columbian Haze Strain Review

Fristly, The cannabis not only looked impressive but also carried a remarkable scent. Combining myrcene, ocimene, and linalool, it offered a sweet yet not overly fruity flavor. Secondly, it’s a mix of funky mint, dank pine, and an indescribable sweetness took center stage, with pepper and floral notes emerging when ground. You are welcome to browse the list of Seven leaves Weed strains.

In terms of taste, it resembled a sweet, tingling mist with a musky wood undertone, evoking nostalgia for seasoned smokers. The effects were highly relaxing, delivering a prolonged physical high that alleviated pain and heightened arousal.

With THC averaging 12-14% and CBD at 0-1%, it proved beneficial for those managing stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, nausea, or loss of appetite. These are must Haves, XJ-13 Seven Leaves Weed  and Champagne wedding cookies strain


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