Cookies & Cream (Hybrid) | Loudpack Premieum 3.5G Cannabis Flower


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Strain Type   INDICA
THC   52%
Quantity    3.5G

Loudpack Cookies & Cream Premium Cannabis Flower 3.5g Kush Packs

Cookies & Cream Loudpack Weed is a well-balanced hybrid, developed by Exotic Genetix through the fusion of the Starfighter strain and a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. This hybrid strain delivers a well-rounded high, offering users just the right amount of energy without overdoing it.

One of the most significant effects of the Cookies and Cream strain is its ability to induce feelings of happiness and joy, as well as a sense of calm and relaxation. Unlike some strains that may leave you feeling glued to the couch, this hybrid delivers a cerebral high that leaves you functional and clear-headed.
With a 40% Sativa and 60% Indica ratio and an average THC level of 26%, this strain provides long-lasting effects that make it ideal for users with insomnia, muscle spasms, anxiety, or depression. Although users may experience immediate euphoria, the eventual feeling of sleepiness can be helpful in promoting relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

Cookies & Cream Loudpack Weed Premium Flavor Terps Effects Review

Don’t limit yourself, try these as well Cookies and cream Loudpack Weed and Muha Meds Live Resin Cartridges. It’s important to note that users may experience dry mouth and dizziness, particularly those sensitive to THC.

When it comes to taste and smell, the Cookies and Cream strain offers a delightful blend of sweet vanilla notes and earthy undertones, thanks to the kief that lines the bud. Its appearance is typical of small or medium clusters with dark green leaves, yellow pistils, and white trichomes. This strain grows well indoors and outdoors and has a slightly sticky texture. However, take a look at all Loudpack Cannabis Flowers available.
If you’re looking for the Cookies and Cream strain in Washington, look no further than Cannabis and Glass. With three convenient locations in Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Liberty Lake, our dispensary offers a broad selection of quality cannabis strains, and our knowledgeable budtenders are always available to answer any questions you may have.


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