Cotton candy gelato (Hybrid) | Backpack boyz 3.5G Cannabis


Strain Type   HYBRID
THC   54%
Quantity    3.5G



Cotton candy gelato Backpackboyz Weed 3.5G Cannabis

Cotton candy gelato Backpackboyz also known as “Cotton Candy Kush”, is a hybrid cannabis strain derived from Lavender and Power Plant. Its big and bold cherry taste is complemented by gentle floral notes. This strain is used to treat chronic pain as it elicits euphoric and soothing sensations that alleviate stress and pain.

The exact sativa to indica ratio is unknown. It is marked by THC levels that can exceed 22%, but with a negligible amount of CBD. This strain delivers calming body effects, along with euphoria and happiness. It has proved effective in treating conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, migraines, and stress.

Medical Benefits | Aroma

Those suffering from anxiety, migraines, chronic pain, and daily stress may find solace with this strain. Its aroma and flavor are sweet and sugary, similar to the taste of cotton candy, while also providing a hint of other candy. Unavoidable side effects of Cotton Candy gelato include dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, and dizziness. Popular regions for this strain are the West Coast, Arizona, Colorado, and British Columbia.

Aroma and flavor-wise, Cotton Candy marijuana does not disappoint. This hybrid’s bouquet consists of sweet, sugary candy scents combined with notes of fruit. The flavor follows suit with a pleasing, floral, and slightly woody flavor that lingers long after you have exhaled the last puff.

Buy Backpack boys Cotton candy gelato Flavor

Cotton Candy strain is an indica-dominant hybrid whose aroma lives up to its name. A blend of terpenes, namely linalool, humulene, and myrcene, contribute to its sugary, cotton candy-esque scent and taste. As visually appealing as it is aromatic, this cured strain has vivid green buds with veins of violet and burnt orange, adorned with crystal-clear trichomes.
The strain has proven to be popular with users. They’ve reported being lifted into a state of happy euphoria while simultaneously being blessed with a body-relaxing sensation. With an average of 20% THC, its genetic make-up combines Skunk varieties, Afghani, and Hawaiian into what is commonly referred to as Cotton Candy Kush. Users reported this strain goes well with these flavours Clifford Backpack boyz Weed ,Captain kush lazy ape disposable and Watermelon smash lazy ape carts

Cotton candy gelato strain Effects

As far as its effects, users report a tranquil and calming high that is accompanied by cerebral elation. Furthermore, the strain is known for inducing extreme levels of sedation, making it an excellent option for a tranquil evening in.


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