Dank Vapes White Rhino


THC Level: 92.10%

Weight: 1.1g

Product Flavor: White Rhino

Packaging: Ziplock bag

Material: Glass

Resistance(): 2.0+-0.1ohm


Dank vapes white rhino

White Rhino of Dank vapes will probably be your  favorite strain and for many great reasons. The smell it has is unlike anything you have ever smelled before; it pierces your nostrils. Taste wise, it was incredible. Every puff was sweet and tingly. Then, the best part: the high. White Rhino gives a high that will make you regret not mortgaging your house for a sweet bag.

Very nice strain, woodsy taste- stands out quite well as a hybrid high leaning both ways — smoking a couple hits gives you a nice sativa feeling buzz but when smoked in larger amounts puts you in a nice tingly couchlock with pressure above and around the eyes – definitely a strong medicine. Now available on the web at Potsnbuds.


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