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It’s simply one of the most intelligent vaporizers you would ever come across.


The IQ is the smallest and most sophisticated portable vaporizer unit in the DaVinci line. Its unique design, ceramic air path, Smart Path technology and mobile app integration sets this vaporizer unit out from the rest. No matter what you are – a vaping newbie, on-the-go user or a flavor connoisseur, the IQ is the ideal vaporizer for you. Get ready to experience vapor in a whole new way. The DAVINCI IQ Allows full temperature control for compound activation within the cannabis plant. Designed with preset vaporizer temperature path – also customizable by mobile app.

The IQ DaVinci vaporizer is a portable vaporizer with a lot of innovations, and which takes what made the success of some vaporizers.

With its multiple vaping modes, adjustable temperatures down to the degree, Zircon ceramic chamber, aroma chamber and removable battery (offering approximately one hour of battery life), the DaVinci IQ vaporizer offers a superb user experience.

Buying a DaVinci IQ vaporizer means receiving:

  • 1 x DaVinci IQ Vaporizer
  • 1 x 3500 mAh 18650 battery / battery
  • 1 x aroma chamber, the Air path flavor chamber (used to amplify aromas)
  • 1 x Ø 10 mm connector (water filter which can also be used as a mouthpiece)
  • 1 x flat mouthpiece
  • 1x USB cable
  • 2 x steel stirrers / dabbers
  • 1 x key ring that allows you to pack
  • 1 x maintenance kit: brush and wipes
  • 1x user manual
  • 1 x 10 year warranty

1 review for DAVINCI IQ

  1. Diegobr (verified owner)

    Awesome Vape, Heard bout it, still to try it, Looks dope tho, Just came through, Thanks

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